If a Class season 2 happens, it won’t have Patrick Ness

Class seasonWhile not officially canceled, it doesn’t look like a Class season 2 is altogether likely to come about. If for whatever reason it does, all indications confirm that writer Patrick Ness won’t be a part of it.

In a series of posts on Twitter this weekend, Ness makes it clear that he will depart the show, and is somewhat frustrated over the way in which the first season was scheduled on BBC One after viewings on BBC Three; nonetheless, he is grateful for the overall experience he had. Here are most of them, written into one paragraph for your reading pleasure:

“I decided awhile back that, with unbelievable regret, I won’t be writing any more Class, even if a season 2 moves ahead. It has been the MOST amazing experience. I loved it, and I am so proud of the show and what we made. My heart just bursts with happy. But we should be filming right now. With the new cycles of Who, we’d pretty much need to be to be on the air before even 2019. But we’re not and that’s just TV and how it goes! Not even the littlest bit bitter. What an amazing experience. Huge thank yous to [BBC One] and [BBC America] for their love and enthusiasm for Class. BBC America in particular absolutely LOVES the show. I remain baffled by the sched decisions of BBC1, which were odd for a critically-acclaimed show. But again, I’m so grateful for the chance! AND THANK *YOU*!!! You guys have been AMAZING! You know how harrowing it is to write in the Whoniverse? But the welcome has been brilliant!

“So thank you all SO MUCH for the love and support for Class, all the tweets and love for the cast, all the videos! Amazing. If I’m honest, a season 2 has been a faint hope, but it’s a fact that BBC America LOVES the show, so who know? If so, I wish them wings!”

While BBC America was fond enough of the show to air it directly after Doctor Who season 10 (therefore giving it a much better chance to succeed in the ratings there), this does ultimately still feel like a long shot to come back for more. The ratings in the UK weren’t that great, and while there was some critical acclaim for the show, we wouldn’t put it on such a stratosphere that it guarantees that the show would be coming back for a further run of episodes.

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