MasterChef judge Christina Tosi empowers home cooks with passion, purpose

Christina TosiChristina Tosi is a tenacious female figure on MasterChef. The reality show judge is always focused on a contestant’s dish in front of her and her passion about food gives contestants (and viewers) another reason to be inspired about food every week. Christina gives constructive feedback, and she encourages home cooks to do their best with her mentoring and suggestions. Her passion is felt through the television and that’s what helps to inspire others to want to pick up a spatula and see what they can do at home themselves.

Christina Tosi is part of our Women Empowerment series highlighting women on TV and she is someone that deserve our attention as the show highlights her unwavering passion to share her craft.

Empowering others by being a positive mentor isn’t easy, but Christina Tosi makes it look effortless. When it comes to mentoring women, (as Christina shows firsthand on the MasterChef), it is more than telling people what they could do better. A good mentor embraces an individual with a message to take away. Her passion is quickly spotted as she reflects on how each person can do their best. She also embraces the challenges and pushes people so that their future is bright. Her love of food, baking in particular, is on full display.

MasterChef judge: Offering hope, pushing limits

Often women mentors can go unnoticed because they aren’t as bold, shocking or presumptuous as their male counterparts. As viewers watch MasterChef, it’s obvious that the judge’s feedback is different from judge to judge, but all important in their own way. Viewers can see the impact of Tosi’s opinion, which is a different focus than Gordon Ramsay’s advice. Christina gives each home cook hope, offers some constructive feedback, and then pushes them to do better by making suggestions or offering tips.

Watching MasterChef on Fox, viewers only get to see a small glimpse of this talented individual. Christina Tosi gives her opinion on camera, but there is more interaction that viewers don’t see on the show. Known to offer heartfelt advice to people who want to be fearless chefs and cooks, she infuses her critique with passion and purpose.

Fox viewers are impressed with Tosi’s amazing baking empire. Her business savvy touches both coasts as her bakery focuses in part on e-commerce. With one bite of Christina’s Compost Cookie, which includes potato chips, coffee and butterscotch, it’s impossible not to appreciate Tosi’s talent. The combination of ingredients might sound insane, but it actually is known to be a mouthwatering masterpiece. Starting the Milk Bar in New York City, the store has expanded all over the country. The locations now include a West Coast spot at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas where the Compost Cookie is readily available.

Mentoring other women is empowering:

At the top of her field, Christina Tosi doesn’t mind sharing her success (and even recipes) with others. It’s an encouraging and empowering lesson that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If we offer the best of ourselves to other women, it makes us a better individuals. Tosi might have an extraordinary platform by being on TV, but every woman has a platform available to mentor others. This MasterChef judge is a fine example that together women can change the world. Now all we need to do is find our place and start empowering others.

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