How could Arrow season 6 resolve their island problem?

island problemWhen Arrow season 6 premieres on The CW this fall, one of the main sources of conflict is going to of course be Liam Yu. How could it now be, given how much of a problem that island is going to be for the entire team?

If you recall from last week, the big cliffhanger there revolved around every member of the team (other than Oliver and his son William) being present at the island at the time in which Adrian Chase killed himself. Because of his own rigging of the island, it’s going up in flames now and everyone on it could be dead.

The operating words in there? “Could be,” given that one of the big things to doubt here is the notion of everyone actually going six feet under. Given that the show recently promoted Rock Gonzalez and Juliana Harkavy to series regular, it’d be rather cruel to do that only to then kill them off in a cliffhanger.

Odds are, the premiere episode this fall will feature many of the characters alive, and there are two different ways in which the story could be told.

1. As the island escape happens – You can pick up the episode mere seconds after the death of Chase, and show Oliver’s team doing what they can in order to stay alive before finding a way to safety.

2. Flashbacks – Maybe you do pick the story up in Star City months removed from the finale, and from there you feature more of how some of these characters ended up getting back home. This almost lends itself well to the theory suggested by Marc Guggenheim recently per Access Hollywood that there are technically some sort of island flashbacks coming in the premiere episode. This is a way to hold that statement as truth without having to dive into Oliver’s own history there anymore.

One way or another, we’re more than likely going to see the team find themselves back at home soon enough, but there will be other threats that await them. While Supergirl and The Flash have both revealed who their threats will be moving into their new seasons, everything is mum from the standpoint of who the next Arrow Big Bad will be.

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