Women Empowerment series: TV characters encouraging women around the world

Women EmpowermentFemale characters seen on TV aren’t found in the kitchen anymore. Or in the spotlight just a housewife for that matter. Looking to share the best of what women do in real life, the characters on TV reflect what women do today. Viewers see a positive and inspiring contribution to today’s society. From scientists to firefighters, from geologists to snipers, empowering moments are shared with TV viewers every week.

On TV today, viewers see Olivia Benson of Law & Order: SVU in the streets of New York City finding justice for victims of sexual abuse. Elizabeth McCord of Madam Secretary is in the White House making tough decisions that impact the world as she guides the country as the top State Department Head. Dr. Miranda Bailey of Grey’s Anatomy makes daily life and death decisions at a Seattle hospital. Every week millions of people watch these women at work. Empowering examples of women on TV, they impact our society, our youth and our dreams.

Where do these empowering women who are TV characters come from? It’s fascinating to learn that the writers who sculpt these dynamic female characters actually might be sharing a sliver of a woman they know. It’s a powerful trait of a mother, daughter, sister or neighbor who pushes themselves to be the best or to make her dreams come true. These are real traits built into a TV show in the form of a character.

What is Women Empowerment?

Women empowerment isn’t just about being strong. There is a deeper reflection. Empowerment is a woman who steps up to conquer the world in her own way. She has the will to pursue her goals and dreams. The drive to do whatever is needed. And the determination to not stop until she has found her place in life. Recognizing there are pitfalls for equality, empowering women are determined to make a change by being the first, the best or even the strongest. They never dwell on what they don’t have, they focus on how to get it what they want. Only stopping when they have achieved their personal desires.

Empowering female characters on television include real women stepping in front of the camera too. There are news anchors, talk show hosts and reality show celebrities who are empowering. A peek at the inspiration, dedication and the undeniable determination of every strong woman seen on TV is what the Women Empowerment series is all about. SHE can do it on TV. And if SHE. can why can’t every woman watching dream big and accomplish their goals too?

Every woman should be empowered to charge towards the future

Take a minute to check out all of the television characters highlighted in this series. You might be surprised to learn those familiar faces on TV are more than just characters. They are empowering women who could encourage your daughter, sister, friends and mother to dream big and charge forwards toward the future.

You will be able to view all entries in this Women Empowerment series by visiting the link here.

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