Ballers season 3 trailer: Will Spencer move a team to Las Vegas?

Ballers season 3 trailerThe first Ballers season 3 trailer is now online courtesy of HBO, and one of the biggest takeaways of it at present is rather clear: Spencer Strasmore wants to expand his empire all around the country.

The first thing worth noting here is that the idea of Spencer’s business as an “empire” is a shocking thought in itself, given that Dwayne Johnson’s character was at times during season 2 on the verge of complete collapse. Were it not for moments of extreme humility, he wouldn’t have ever been cleared by the union to get close to the players. He’s got a horseshoe or two to make it this far, but he and Joe both are ambitious guys. Once they see the ball rolling, they want to grab it and spike it as forcefully as possible. They want everyone to know their impact.

In this trailer, Spencer showcases by the end of it a willingness — or, shall we say, an intent — to bring an NFL team to Las Vegas. This is the sort of thing that seems to be happening presumably with the Oakland Raiders, so this show may mirror that in some ways. It’s obvious why Spencer would want for this to happen, given that bringing a team there would lead to all sorts of revenue from both locals and tourists alike. One of the only fears for a long time with major sports franchises being there were the notion of it encouraging further sports gambling, and that seems to have now leveled off a little bit given that Vegas has already an NHL franchise in the Golden Knights.

Beyond of course the story itself, one of the other things to be excited about for the show is simply the humor of it. While this is at times a show that gets a tad mired in exposition, Johnson’s charisma and the sports-related humor, which you don’t often see anywhere else, are reasons enough to remain committed to checking out the show.

Ballers season 3 will premiere in July on HBO, where it will have an opportunity to follow up Game of Thrones. From a ratings perspective alone, you have to think that this could be a touchdown. (Was that setup a little too obvious? Maybe.)

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