Megyn Kelly to interview Vladimir Putin for Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly

Sunday Night with Megyn KellyWhen Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly premieres this weekend, its most is going to have a very top-tier interview guest.

Kelly herself confirmed from St. Petersburg, Russia this morning (during the broadcast of another NBC show in The Today Show) that she is going to be sitting down with the country’s leader Vladimir Putin for a rare interview to air on her first broadcast. Kelly just got confirmation earlier today that she is going to be speaking with Putin for the broadcast; this was long speculated to be a part of the first show, but it is now finally known officially.

As for what will come out of this interview, the only thing that you can probably hope for are a few notable quotes. It’s hard to imagine any scenario in which Putin comes out and starts dropping shocking revelations in regards to President Donald Trump and his role in the Presidential Election. He’s already denied as much in various reports in the past. Still, the interview should prove fascinating just in terms of seeing how he responds to direct questions through an American journalist, someone who is looking at the situation through a different lens than anyone else who has questioned him in the past.

Kelly’s show faces a tremendous challenge in that she has to figure out a way in which to shine in a timeslot dominated by CBS and 60 Minutes. Also, she needs to continue to further separate herself from her previous employer in Fox News and the perception that she will be in a commentator position over at her new home. The biggest thing that she can hope for is mostly that she is able to bring some of her original voice to the proceedings while also being able to take on news topics without any perceived slant one way or another. It’s something that is sorely lacking almost across the board right now, no matter your political affiliation. The worst part is that even when you are objective, there are still going to be some people out there who automatically ascribe a certain political slant to you just because it’s something that they enjoy doing.

Are you planning to watch the new Megyn Kelly show, or at least the Vladimir Putin interview? Share your thoughts in the comments below! (Photo: NBC.)

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