Should Supergirl season 3 offer up a Mon-El summer series?

Mon-ElWhat’s coming up for Mon-El during his time apart on SupergirlBased on the cliffhanger in the finale, his future is in the wind. While all indications are that Chris Wood will likely return to the show (Mon-El wasn’t killed off or anything), he was sent off in order avoid suffering a cruel fate back on National City.

Now that he’s gone, a fitting question may be what in the world Supergirl wants to do from here. Is there some merit in giving Mon-El a substantial separate story of his own? If you don’t have time for it on the flagship show, maybe there is some merit in doing a 4-6 episode summer or animated series to chronicle his own journey further.

The story – Showcase more of Mon-El’s own time away from the team, and what he is proactively doing in an effort to make it back to Kara in National City someday. One of the issues with many shows if they send a character way, there is this odd assumption that said character merely sits around on a log and waits to be rescued. That’s not actually the case in life! You could easily give Mon-El an interesting little journey of his own, complete with new worlds and new characters, before eventually finding his way back.

The structure – The idea sounds fun from an exploratory format, but if The CW was to explore this it’d almost certainly be a CW Seed series given many different reasons: So many aliens would mean a high budget, and Mon-El’s a reasonably new character who may not have the outside name recognition that a solo show would require. If you could get a story together to release in August or September, that’d be a great appetizer for Supergirl season 3 (even if that’d require some animators somewhere to work overtime).

What are the odds of this happen? – Fittingly, they are astronomically low given that there’s no real time, and there are some people out there who may not be that interested. Personally, it would be good to see Mon-El get further development separate from everyone else, and it absolutely seems like this could be a great idea to further showcase the universe of the show.

What do you think about the idea of a Supergirl – Mon-El series that stands on its own? Share below!

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