CNN evaluating New Year’s Eve plans after Kathy Griffin controversy

Kathy GriffinWill CNN scrap its New Year’s Eve broadcast over a Kathy Griffin photo that crossed many lines?

Throughout most of Tuesday afternoon and evening, there were absolutely calls for it to happen following her decision to most a photo alongside a fake severed head of Donald Trump, taken by photographer Tyler Shields. It was widely criticized as being horrific by both Democrats and Republicans alike, with Griffin eventually deciding to post an apology hours later and scrub the material from her timeline on social media. Eventually, Shields decided to do the same thing after the fact.

As for what CNN is currently planning to do with their coverage, all indications are that they haven’t reached much in the way of a firm decision just yet beyond the following statement:

“We found what she did disgusting and offensive … We are pleased to see she has apologized and asked that the photos be taken down. We are evaluating New Year’s Eve and have made no decisions at this point.”

The one-two punch of Griffin and Anderson Cooper has proven itself to be an annual tradition and big ratings winner for the network over the years, with it generating some minor controversies over time for silly things like Griffin stripping down or Don Lemon getting mildly wasted while partying with Brooke Baldwin. Over the years, this event has become one of the most entertaining things for us to cover at the site, just because it’s a chance to see people take a little bit of a break from their serious professions and let their hair down a little bit.

Unfortunately, the air is out of the tires a little bit following what Griffin did, given that there is a crossing a line and being satirical to doing something that is appalling. Without getting into a deep discussion of what happened, it’s hard to imagine her career being the same moving forward as it was beforehand. CNN may be looking to see what the climate is around her five months from now before making a decision. There are some other Anderson Cooper friends who could do all right in the Griffin role, including Kelly Ripa.

What do you think CNN should do about Kathy Griffin and their New Year’s Eve show in the wake of everything that happened? Share some of your thoughts with a comment below! (Photo: CNN.)

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