Supergirl season 3: Should there be a Guardian – Mehcad Brooks spin-off?

MehcadThere something really interesting about a hero without superpowers. This is where Mehcad Brooks’ character of Guardian finds himself within the Supergirl universe. He’s smart, capable, and driven like no other, but in a universe where superheroes have super powers, where does he fit in? He’s also a very unique character because of his circumstances within the entire CW – DC Universe.

Is he a character worthy of some time in the spotlight? Absolutely, which is why there’s a good case to be made for him getting his own summer / winter spin-off of four or six episodes. We pitched the idea previously when it comes to Slade Wilson on Arrow and Killer Frost on The Flash, and there is something equally engaging to be said about Guardian having a chance to shine on his own.

The story – How can Guardian get the respect that he deserves in a city dominated by Supergirl? A show about Guardian could offer up a chance to learn more about some of his solo adventures, and how he manages to prove himself as a worthy hero in his own right. You could keep the show set in National City, or you could focus it on his past where he goes home and tries to help some of the people who were the most formative in his life. He learns more about how to create a character as a beacon of hope, and not just an intimidating-looking man in a suit of armor lurking in the shadows. If there’s one thing Guardian still needs, it’s a little more flair.

The structure – The idea of a Guardian show feels perfect for this summer, mostly because you could send James Olsen on a summer vacation of sorts where he further finds himself as a superhero before coming back and rejoining the rest of the team for the fall. Or, maybe you write a cliffhanger in the Supergirl winter finale where Kara is sent away or temporarily indisposed, and you are able to come up with a way to bring this character to the forefront for an arc of his own in between Christmas and when the show returns in the new year.

Will it happen? – All of these ideas are unlikely, mostly given that the closest thing to an isolated character spin-off we’ve seen (beyond of course full-fledged series) are the CW Seed spin-offs. Still, we do maintain that there is something very fascinating about a guy without powers trying to fight people significantly stronger than himself, and how he needs to rely on creativity, his own skills, and maybe Winn Schott here and there to figure out the right course to victory. It’s like when you’re playing Mega Man and you have to find a way to defeat one of the bosses using your default weapon — it takes a lot of patience and some strategy, but you can find a way to ensure the victory.

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