Sense8 season 3 renewal campaign trends online — and for good reason

Sense8 season 3 renewal

Will a Sense8 season 3 renewal happen? As of now, nothing is guaranteed, but the show’s fans are making sure that it doesn’t go quietly.

This morning, #RenewSense8 was trending on social media less than a month after the second season premiered on Netflix. This is about the time when streaming services often take stock in a show’s viewership, and determine whether or not they want to bring it back. With Sense8 in particular, there is a good bit to gauge.

As reported previously, one of the major issues that the show faces now is having to round up all of the cast members for another go, as contracts for them expired in the midst of the long process to get season 2 on the air. The production cycle for this show is incredibly lengthy, and the budget is also rather big. It’s high when it comes to ambition, but in turn this also sets the threshold higher for the show to succeed enough to earn a renewal. It needs to be one of Netflix’s biggest and most-relevant series in order to be granted more opportunities to shine. Trending on social media is one of the big things that could end up helping it when you consider that one of the things Netflix looks for more so than anything else is the ability for a show to garner more publicity for itself. That’s why 13 Reasons Why became such a huge hit for them earlier this year, since it did start conversations and get people discussing matters at length.

Is the show worthy of another run? Absolutely. It’s inventive, inclusive, and there are few other shows out there like it.

Hopefully, within the next month or so the future of Sense8 will start to be made a little more clear, and then at that point maybe it will start to become a little bit more clear as to when the show itself can properly premiere again. Given everything that was just written in this article, this is a show that you’re going to have to be patient for since filming, editing, and making all of the necessary post-production tweaks can take a long period of time.

Do you want to see Sense8 renewed for a third season coming up in the future? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below!

Once there is some further news to report on when it comes to the show, be sure to head over to the link here. (Photo: Netflix.)

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