Lucifer season 2 finale: Is Tricia Helfer leaving?

Tricia HelferIs Tricia Helfer leaving Lucifer following the season 2 finale? It’s a question worth pondering, even if it is not necessarily one that we want to ponder given that Mom / Charlotte brought a great deal of entertainment to the story.

The reality of the situation here at present is ultimately rather simple: Mom departed Lucifer and the remainder of her family on Earth in the closing minutes of the finale, realizing that she had no other choice and that there was effectively no way that she could stay there. Lucifer had convinced her enough that there was no going back to the way in which things once were, and with that, she needed to find her own way forward.

Here is the one bit of hope towards a Helfer return — Charlotte is still technically out there. The main difference is that she doesn’t seem to have any recollection of anything that happened with her. This makes matters a little bit trickier to use her since she may not be much of an asset; also, she may not want to be anywhere near some of these people who have caused her so much distress. Yet, what if there is a situation where she actually DOES start to remember some of what happened, or what if Charlotte turns out to be rather resourceful in the way that Mom could’ve been had her powers not started to turn back up? There are ways in theory to bring the character back.

With that said, it is awfully hard to see the Battlestar Galactica alum back right away in the new season, just because it would be such a different character. Also, you do need there to be a little bit of distance between when the character departed and when she comes back, mostly because what’s the point otherwise of her leaving? Things do need to have a certain degree of weight to them, even in a shock stuffed full of crazy supernatural happenings. Ultimately, what does still matter most with this show is the emotion of the moment and the characters you do come to care about.

Update: Helfer has now confirmed she will be back!

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