Is Better Call Saul new tonight? What could happen by finale

Better Call Saul season 3

Is Better Call Saul new tonight on AMC? After spending the past several weeks diving into the birth of Saul Goodman, of course you want more!

Alas, that is not quite what is happening, at least for the time being. There is no new episode airing on the network Monday night, with the main reason for that being the Memorial Day Holiday. This is the sort of holiday that is more about reflection than it is anything else, so for now the best advice we can offer is to just go off and spend some time with your loved ones. Jimmy McGill will be back next week to kick off what is the first of a few episodes to tie up the story of the third season, and there are a few different stories that the show could choose to tie together before the season comes to a close.

Nacho – He’s not in Breaking Bad, and he’s currently towing the line between supporting Hector’s empire but also trying to keep his father out of the operation. There are scenarios here where it’s easy to see him being called out for being disloyal and/or kicked to the curb or worse.

Kim Wexler – How long does she want to sit idly by while Jimmy burns down his entire world? The happy-go-lucky guy she first knew is gone, and she is not taking well so far to the birth of advertising confidence man Saul Goodman. It makes sense if she would want to hop off the ride before long.

Chuck McGill – On the other hand, herein lies a guy who’s done enough to Jimmy to ensure that he would never want to spend time with him again. Jimmy is out to screw Chuck over at every turn now, and it’s certainly possible that it will cause him to either get out of Dodge or have something worse happen to him.

Beyond a character level, another thing to wonder is whether or not Jimmy McGill becomes a full-fledged Saul Goodman by the end of the third season. For the time being, it doesn’t appear likely, just because of the length of Jimmy’s suspension from the Bar. Yet, who knows? Maybe there’s a big time jump coming soon.

What do you think is going to happen on Better Call Saul before reaching the end of the season? Share in the comments below!

(Photo: AMC.)

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