Bloodline season 3 episode 4 review: A funeral, a christening and alcoholism

BloodlineWith Eric being picked up by the cops (with the the murder weapon in hand) on the last episode of Bloodline season 3, it sort of felt like that could’ve been the series finale episode… that is if the series planned to end things with the Rayburn family getting away with multiple murders. With Aguirre feeling uneasy about how neatly tied up Eric is as a suspect, we are thinking that the investigation into John, Kevin and Meg isn’t over yet (at least not for him). Then we have the international man of mystery that is Roy Gilbert. This man has a heavy interest in all the Rayburn children as he saved Kevin’s boatyard, gave Meg legal work and is endorsing John to be sheriff.

This episode starts off with Gilbert and John working on the finer details of Eric’s set up and that means finding Ozzy before he does something crazy or starts spinning tales. We thought the story was going to follow Ozzy at this point , but after we saw Marco’s funeral (which Meg didn’t show up for it), we had a five month time jump.

here we are five months later and John and Diana look to be separated, Diana is out of control with her drinking and John lost the job as Sheriff to Aguirre. Meg is missing, none of the family knows where she is. Kevin has recovered from his gun shot wounds, is now a father and Gilbert is putting more responsibility on Kevin when it comes to his shady business. Things get a little weird though when Gilbert asks Kevin to sign a letter allowing Eric a pass from jail to attend his mother’s funeral. Why would Gilbert care about this? He says that it shows great character in Kevin if he does this, but when it comes to Gilbert, there’s always a larger game… and there is. He thinks that there’s a chance Eric’s case will go to trial (even though he promised Kevin that it wouldn’t) and feels that the more good will he can get from the public the better off Kevin will be.

John and Aguirre are against Eric attending his mother’s funeral (worried that reporters will have a chance to get details about the case before it goes to trial), but with Kevin doing whatever Gilbert wants, John has a new problem to deal with. After getting no where with Kevin, John talks to Gilbert about this situation with Eric, but he doesn’t get anywhere with Gilbert either.

With everyone divided on whether or not it’s good for Kevin’s trial if Eric goes to his mother’s funeral, it was hard to know where the chips were going to fall, but in the end, Eric was allowed to attend. John uses his influence with the cops in charge of bringing Eric to the funeral to make sure that he never makes it there (and then is returned safely to jail). Because John is busy making sure that Eric is seen by no reporters at the cemetery, he misses the christening of Kevin and Belle’s baby boy Rocky. With John (the godfather) missing, Gilbert stands in. This guy is so deep into the Rayburn family, it feels like he is trying to step into their father’s shoes.

Although not a lot happened in this episode when it comes to Eric’s trial or if the Rayburn’s are going to get caught, what was a very strong theme is how heavy the alcoholism is in this family. We have seen Meg down the bottom of a bottle too many times, Sally is drinking bottle after bottle of wine, Diana is stumbling drunk around John’s apartment and Kevin is baptizing himself and his baby with a bottle of beer. This show has always been about their family problems and dynamics first and foremost, but until this episode, Bloodline season 3 has been about the murders, more so then anything to do with the family. It was nice to see a bit of that come back. Episode grade: B-

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