Bloodline season 3 episode 3 review: What is Roy Gilbert’s plans for Rayburn family?

BloodlineKevin may have survived being shot by Gilbert’s clean up guy on the last episode of Bloodline season 3, but the worst is still coming up for him. He has always been messy (very messy!), so when it comes to him selling his story that Eric was Marco’s killer, as well as the person who shot him, well we just don’t know if he’s going to be able to keep the details tight enough for anyone to believe. The only thing that might be working in his favor is that Eric’s DNA is at Marco’s house and he’s in the wind somewhere in Miami looking to meet up with Ozzy for some grand plan to take down the Rayburn family.

Let’s start this review off by saying that Eric is in some seriously deep trouble to say the least as we watched the police break down the door to his mother’s house looking to arrest him. The one person that knows the truth (outside of Kevin) is Sally since she is the person that set this whole thing up with Roy Gilbert. After sharing Kevin’s misdeeds with Meg, she has to pull herself together to go to Marco’s family home and help plan the funeral. After Meg has a chance to see Marco’s body and exactly what Kevin did to him, she visits Kevin to tell him that their relationship is done from here on out, which should be a surprise to no one. No matter what Marco had planned for her and her family, killing the man she loved was never going to be okay and should never have been an option.

Another person that is starting to have some suspicions about the Rayburn family is Aguirre as he asks John if he knew they were looking to give Eric immunity if he gave up valuable intel about Danny’s murder and the Red Reef to Marco. When Aguirre lays it out like this: Why would Marco’s own witness, that is offering immunity to, then turn around and murder him – John knows how quickly this whole thing is unraveling.

John gets the whole truth from Kevin, and the more he brings up Gilbert’s clean up guy the more John realizes that he needs find out who this man is. When John has a chance to speak to Gilbert, he reiterates how invested he is in John becoming Sheriff and Kevin killing a cop isn’t going to be helpful to that cause. Gilbert agrees to give John 24 hours to get ahead of things with Eric, and has his clean up guy (aka the local coroner who knows John) meet up with John. This meeting went about as well as could be expected and John is given the gun that was used to shoot Kevin. John heads out to find Eric and once he does, he gives Eric the gun, a bag of Danny’s stuff and some money.

When John and Aguirre reconnect, he tells John that Eric was picked up, (along with all the items that John gave him) saying that this whole thing feels like a very tidy little set up on Eric. Add to this that Eric had a “wild story” about John giving him the gun and backpack full of Danny’s stuff and this whole thing would be going sideways if Meg hadn’t given John an alibi for where he was the night before. In the end, the DA is charging Eric with Marco’s death, but it’s clear that Aguirre isn’t convinced that they have the right guy.

With this episode being all about how Marco’s death has a massive ripple effect on the entire Rayburn family, we expected a few flashbacks, but not as many as we got and all it did was make us miss the Marco character even more. Put on top of this how slow this episode was and it dragged a lot more then the first two. The one thing this episode did set up nicely is just how involved Roy Gilbert really is in the Rayburn family: He has Kevin’s boatyard (and tried to save him from a murder sentence), helped Meg by throwing her legal work, and is deeply is invested in John becoming Sheriff. He’s a bad man with a lot of pull on the beloved Rayburn family and that’s not good for anyone but Gilbert. Episode grade: B-

What did you think of this episode of Bloodline season 3 and what do you think Gilbert’s real intentions are? Leave us a comment in the box below with your thoughts. If you want to check out some of our other reviews for this season of Bloodline then head on over to the link here and let us be your guide. (Photo: Netflix)

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