Sean Hannity not leaving Fox News; will not discuss Seth Rich on-air (for now)

Sean HannityIs Sean Hannity leaving Fox News? Despite whatever sort of cryptic message he posted on Twitter earlier today, it’s not happening.

Early on his self-titled show Tuesday night, Hannity opened things up with a discussion of one of the reasons why there are so many people boycotting his show and wanting him out: The death of Seth Rich. His on-air “investigation” into the matter has caused a wide array of outrage, with some praising his efforts and others calling it a conspiracy theory perpetuated for the sake of getting ratings from people willing to buy into it. If anything, Hannity is a smart marketer — he specifically put up the tweet about his future at Fox News, knowing that there would be some people who chose to watch it for that reason.

Hannity made it clear that for the time being, he is shutting down talk of Rich after a discussion with his family, who had previously sent off letters asking for his death to not be politicized and talked about in the way in which it was:

“Out of respect for the family’s wishes for now, I am not discussing [this] matter at this time.”

Does that mean that the conversation is gone for good? The remains to be seen. Fox News already retracted their own story regarding Rich earlier in the day, and with Hannity holding out on doing so, that’s when many on social media started taking to the show’s sponsors.

The entire saga of Hannity is coming at a time of utter chaos for the cable news network, given that this is mere weeks after Bill O’Reilly was taken off the air following a scandal. Last year, Roger Ailes departed the network after a series of sexual harassment accusations. (Ailes recently passed away.) This is obviously a watershed time at Fox News, and the further this goes along, the more one must wonder whether or not he will eventually withstand the criticism coming his way. This isn’t the first time that Hannity has enticed viewers this year about his future on the show.

What do you think the future of Hannity on Fox News is ultimately going to be in the wake of this still-playing-out saga? Sound off in the comments below.

Once more news is available on the subject, it will be passed along here. (Photo: Fox News.)

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