Better Call Saul season 3 episode 7 review: Cracks form with Jimmy, Kim

Better Call Saul season 3

Going into Better Call Saul season 3 episode 7, one thing was absolutely clear: Jimmy McGill had his work cut out for him and then some. Not only was he suspended for a year, but he had to find a way to get a little bit of work.

One of Jimmy’s top priorities was trying to figure out a way to earn money, and he balanced out some construction odd jobs with his new business as Saul Goodman, advertising extraordinaire. He was running from one job to another, desperate to find a way to film commercials and fill up his ad space. It was an interesting idea, but there were two problems that he quickly found himself running into: It was hard to convince other people to buy the space for the rates advertised, and he also struggling to make any money. As a matter of fact, he was starting to lose it.

Noe, let’s move on to another important subject in Kim’s guilt. This was unexpected. While she did a good job of holding things together when it came to the actual hearing with Chuck, things were slightly different for her when she had time to decompress over it. While she and Jimmy were able to save his life. the reality here still remains that they just kicked a “sick man” down further with some clever work.

In watching Kim come to terms with some of these feelings, it’s only starting to become more and more clear that Kim’s exit from Jimmy / Saul’s world, whenever it does happen, is going to be both sad and also incredibly depressing. The scene at the end of the episode, which featured Jimmy trying to get back to his old people-spying Slippin’ Jimmy ways, was a further reminder of how much he hasn’t changed. His ruse wouldn’t last, though, as Kim eventually did circle back to the subject of Chuck. She wondered if there was another way that the situation could’ve been handled, and he shut it down. At this point, she decided to play his grifter game once more, but how long is that going to last? The cracks are clearly there, and they are widening.

After his night out with Jimmy, the episode ended with him desperately trying to find a way to get his money back from his insurance. After all, does he need it when he’s not practicing? Unfortunately, things don’t quite work the way that he wanted them to. He also learned that when he does practice again, his premiums are going to escalate. This scene was awkward, but as it went along, the more clear it was what Jimmy was doing: Putting on the waterworks in order to get something out of the interaction. That something just so happened to be continuing to screw Chuck over.

Mike’s “service”

While he entertained a reunion offer with Daniel, Mike Ehrmantraut found himself also spending some time with Stacey as he worked to handle her grief … to a certain extent. This merely just was another opening of a door for Mike.

As a whole, the Mike storyline is the one that does need to make a few more moves when it comes to its pacing given that right now, we’re still waiting for all of this to bubble over. It started to with that closing scene of the deal with Nacho, given that he’s a guy looking for new outs since he wants to protect his father. Could he be a uniter of different factions in the drug game?

Final verdict

Overall, Better Call Saul continues to deliver when it comes to great entertainment, but beyond that this was an episode that did really push the narrative further for Jimmy and Kim in a way that it hasn’t been in a while. With three episodes left, the AMC show really needs to get going full-steam-ahead if the finale is going to be a big one.

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