Supergirl season 2 finale review: Kara’s sacrifice; a Sanvers surprise

Supergirl season 2 finale reviewGoing into the Supergirl season 2 finale, one thing felt pretty clear: Kara and Mon-El were a little ridiculous for thinking that they would trust Rhea to uphold the rules of battle. She agreed to a trial by combat, even though she had no intention of ever holding to that. What this mean, in turn, was that the entire crew was going to have to come together in order to save National City from the entire Daxamite fleet.

Before looking at things on a macro level, let’s start things off with a focus on just Kara versus Rhea, one of the biggest battles of the season. This was intense, somehow even more so than Superman attacking Kara earlier in the season, thinking that she was evil because of silver kryptonite making him think that he was in the midst of a battle against Zod. Rhea had the benefit of kryptonite on her side, and also that she was far more evil than Kara ever would be and therefore had the “luxury” of more options.

Unfortunately, Kara’s moral struggle here was that in order to save National City, what she had to do was almost impossible: Remove every element of Daxam from the world, a plan further along and assisted by the likes of Lena Luthor and her mother. In executing this plan, Kara was able to stop Rhea, but it came at a cost: Mon-El. They had an escape plan figured out for him so that he wouldn’t die, but he did have to depart National City … for now. His future is what remains to be seen.

After the battle, Kara and Clark had a nice moment when he admitted to her that she was stronger than he could ever be, mostly because she managed to sacrifice her own wants for the good of the city.

The scale of the finale

This was on another level, given that at one point, you had Superman and Mon-El each separately fighting the people of Daxam while buildings burned in the background. There were incredible battles, and then sweet romantic moments, such as the return of Sharon Leal. J’onn has a little bit of romance in his life!

Speaking of romance, who expected Alex to propose to Maggie? It happened! Unfortunately, there’s a cliffhanger there since we didn’t get to hear her response, at least for the time being.

Cat knows!

Cat Grant did her part to try to encourage Kara — she read all of her material, and tried to make her feel better after her recent “breakup.” Fun twist: Cat actually knows that Kara is Supergirl! She’s just realized that this isn’t what Kara needs from her.

Final verdict

Exhilarating, intense, and highly dramatic, this was one of the best Supergirl episodes in a long time. It did give its audience everything possible given that James and Winn were sidelined at times, but it did a lot to tie together the Rhea narrative.

Also, it was one of the most romantic episodes in a rather long time in between the Sanvers proposal and then also what happened with Kara and Mon-El in the closing minutes of the hour.

One more thing: The cliffhanger: Apparently, there’s an evil pod that was sent to Earth 35 years ago. Who is it? There’s your speculation for now. Finale Grade: B+.

What’s next?

For some more news on Supergirl season 3 and the potential premiere date for it, just be sure to head over to the link here! (Photo: The CW.)

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