Is Quantico new tonight? Speculation on Priyanka Chopra series’ future

Quantico newIs Quantico new tonight on ABC? After the episode that was there last week, it’s absolutely understandable to want more.

Unfortunately, that’s something that is going to have to wait for the foreseeable future. There is no new episode tonight, and more than that, there will not be another new installment on the air until the 2017-18 season. Even that is not confirmed yet, given that there is no firm premiere date set and the show is not on the fall schedule.

There are some options that the Priyanka Chopra series could have for a shortened 13 or 15-episode season, including Thursdays at 10:00 p.m. Eastern after How to Get Away with Murder, or even in the place of Scandal depending on how many episodes the show has for her own final season. It could go back to its old stomping grounds of Sunday nights depending how that lineup fares. The reality right now for ABC is that they have so many big question marks still and as a result of that it leaves the future of the show up in the air beyond the fact that it is coming back.

Thematically, there are also some further mysteries coming courtesy of the sole fact that showrunner Josh Safran is departing that position. Before doing so (and before the show was renewed), he did tell TV Guide the following about what some of his plans for the show’s future could be:

“…We looked at Season 1 kind of like college and Season 2 as grad school in terms of what the characters were going through. Now they’re adults and the back nine [episodes] being a little more procedural was meant to open the door to a more procedural version of the show with these people at the posts that they’re at. But of course Alex is on the run and our team could never work in public again, so it’s like a bit of a reset, but it’s also a unique place to pick everybody up, and [see] why they would come back together.”

Moving the show into a little more of a procedural hybrid could help it in the long-term, just because it creates a little less dependency on the live viewers. Also, it could keep the show from having to escalate time and time again to where it ends up becoming a fireball of crazy, desperate to top itself at every passing turn.

If you do find yourself interested in securing some further news right now when it comes to Quantico, be sure to head over to the link here. (Photo: ABC.)

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