Anderson Cooper apologizes for Jeffrey Lord – ‘dump’ remark

Anderson CooperAnderson Cooper over the past few weeks has generated a number of headlines, especially in terms of his reaction to various interviews. during a chat with Kellyanne Conway he famously rolled his eyes, a reaction that Conway later took umbrage over. Meanwhile, earlier this weekend an interview with Jeffrey Lord, a frequent Donald Trump defender, turned south when Cooper proclaimed that is the President “took a dump on his desk, you would defend it.” The comment drew a laugh from Lord at the moment it was said, but after the fact Cooper apologized on the air.

Meanwhile, Anderson also went onto Twitter later (see below) and offered up a further apology, stating that it was “unprofessional” and that he was “genuinely sorry.” For the record, Lord himself seemed to be fine with it, saying that it was a fine example of how everyone should be able to laugh a little bit.

In this instance, Lord does have a point in that so many of us over the years have become so sensitive to everything that a little bit of humor here and there could help everyone. Nonetheless, Cooper’s apology fits in with his brand. He’s always labeled himself as more of a reporter than a commentator, and while there was nothing egregiously offensive about what he said in contrast to what else is out there on cable news (on either side of the aisle), it’s not in line with the rest of his brand. The apology gets himself out from under it and allows him to move forward.

Granted, it’s also far from a surprise that the moment happened. Just look at things this way. When you are someone like Cooper who interviews people who make some shocking statements, eventually a reaction is just naturally going to come on. He said it, Lord seems fine with it, and everyone now gets a chance to move on. If only so many other scandals over silly remarks could come to an end this quickly, odds are that the world would be in a much better place.

What do you think about Anderson’s remark, his quick apology, and then Lord’s response to it? Share below! You can also view the video in the event that you haven’t seen it already. (Photo: CNN.)

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