The Toy Box season 2: Could Eric Stonestreet show return to ABC?

The Toy Box season 2Following tonight’s season 1 finale, could The Toy Box season 2 happen on ABC in the future? There’s good and bad news with that.

Let’s start with the good news — technically, the series is not officially canceled as of yet. The network doesn’t have the show on the fall schedule, but there wasn’t a whole lot said about it at all on the subject of its future. This means that there is always a chance that somewhere down the road, the network could bring it back in the event there is room for a show like this to come on and fill a few weeks.

However, there’s also some bad news that suggests that this metaphorical toy factory could be shutting down, starting with the simple matter of the show’s overall ratings: They’re not great. To date, season 1 has averaged just a 0.6, which is lower than any of the shows that the network renewed for another season. Given that ratings often fall for a show year to year, it also doesn’t bode well for its future. The numbers are also far lower than those for Last Man Standing, and you have to remember for a minute that this show was also canceled rather than being brought back.

Another bit of bad news comes your way here strictly as a result of the schedule. Just think about this for a moment: ABC moved around their entire fall schedule, and Friday nights are the new home to Once Upon a Time and Inhumans / Agents of SHIELD. They’ve shifted the schedule around in a rather big way in order to accommodate for some of what is currently their demand. There may not be any room for more new episodes of The Toy Box, unless you move them into Sundays before Shark Tank and its new timeslot at 9:00 p.m. Eastern. This is clearly a night that they are using for lighthearted family programming, which may be a further sign as to why they are looking at airing American Idol on that night.

Since it’s hard to end an article about toys on a negative note, here is one thing that you can smile over for a minute: This show has to cost very little to make given that most of your on-air talent other than host Eric Stonestreet are relative unknowns. There are probably not many programs out there that you can put on the air at a lower price point.

Do you want to see more of The Toy Box on the air in the future? Share in the comments! (Photo: ABC.)

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