The Toy Box: Did 3D Liquid Art, Noisy People Cards, Pre-Bot make finale?

3D LiquidTonight, The Toy Box is airing two episodes, and the reality is that these may be the final episodes of the entire series. This is a very good, very entertaining show, but the problem it faces is the same that many others have that premiere in the spring: Finding viewers. It didn’t really happen here.

Still, this episode showed off more of what this show does best: Show off the creativity of toy-makers all over the country with some interesting ideas. Some were more successful than others, but it was the pretty amazing 3D Liquid Art that advanced to the final round over Noisy People Cards, Pre-Bot, and more. This was an easy result the chart from the moment that there was a substantial pre-show package detailing just how much the guy behind the product wanted this and how his family encouraged him to go for it.

If the show was to return, one of the facets to look at is the way in which the presentations go with he kids: They often feel very short, and there is rarely ever anything valuable that is featured in them. It’s probably a rare balance that the show has to walk given that the adult mentors at the start of the show are actually far more helpful, but with this show being about kids, you do need to find a way to appeal to this audience if you want your toy to pop off the shelves. Maybe if the final decision was presented as a combination of the mentors and the kid judges’ feedback,, it’d be a tad more effective. As it is, however, it feels a little more scattershot and it’s difficult to determine why one toy was necessarily chosen over the others.

Also, there is a problem with a potential season 2 in that with the contestants being aware of the kid judges in advance, they would have to try to find a different strategy to better appeal to them. That could lead to more pandering to the kids (they could prepare for it, after all!) and it would take something away from the original show.

Do you think that the judges chose the right toy in 3D Liquid Art to announce to the final episode of The Toy Box? Sound off now in the comments!

Meanwhile, head over to the link here in the event you are interested in gathering up some further news when it comes to The Toy Box right now. (Photo: ABC.)

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