The Toy Box preview: Pre-Bot, 3D Liquid Art, Noisy Person Cards, Bedtime Storybug, Cock It Drop It Rocket

Pre-BotTonight, The Toy Box fans can prepare for a viewing experience like no other given that there are TWO separate hours of the show airing. The first will establish the final toy moving on to the final round, whereas the grand finale sets up who ends up winning the whole competition.

In leading up to the episode tonight airing, here are some quick impressions of some of the ideas you’ll be seeing in front of the judges. (Details via ABC.)

Cock It, Drop It, Rocket – a resettable rocket that uses your own energy as fuel
Inventor: Perry from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

This is a fun idea, and above all, it’s simple. So long as the toy is easy to launch and you’ve got ample space, this could be ideal for launching contests or other battles between friends.

Noisy Person Cards – party game that encourages creativity, fun and performance skills
Inventors: Kat and James from Chicago, Illinois

Silly, relaxing, but also plenty of fun. This game encourages people to let loose with silly voices in order to determine who can do both the best impressions and the best characters.

3D Liquid Art – a fun way to create three-dimensional images out of water
Inventor: Ryan from Phoenix, Arizona

It’s a new way to do art! It’s one thing to do a painting that ends up being flat on a canvas. It’s another thing altogether to have a painting that pops out and seems like a proper part of your world.

Pre-Bot – a safe, wooden robot geared toward young children
Inventor: Roderick from Groton, Massachusetts

Everyone loves robots, right? Well, the idea here is to get people acquainted with the toy at a very early age.

Bedtime Storybug – a plush ladybug with the ability to record messages for kids
Inventor: Lori from Overland Park, Kansas

This is a cool idea to ensure that you remain close to your kids even when far away, but the idea of it feels a little more like a Shark Tank product than something that kids will necessarily want. It’s more for parents wanting to communicate with their kinds.

Be sure to come back later, as we will share the winner for this episode and then announce the winner of the season a little bit later!

Meanwhile, head over here in the event you do want to get some other news when it comes to The Toy Box right now. (Photo: TNT.)

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