Absentia spoilers: More Stana Katic teasers, early season 2 hopes

Katic teasersDue to upfronts and everything else over the past few days, this article is us playing a little bit of catch-up on the past few days of Absentia news. Luckily, there is quite a bit of good stuff to write about when it comes to the Stana Katic series!

The first thing worth noting is further confirmation that, in the eyes of the cast, this is a show meant to last beyond just a single season. Patrick Heusinger mentioned as much in the image below, noting that this image, from Bulgaria, is the last scene for Patrick McAuley from season 1 production.

The words “season 1” are what effectively stands out here, given that this means there are hopes for a season 2! Otherwise, why say it? A season 2 for the AXN series is far from assured — there’s no way to gauge the total audience size at the moment — but some of the initial hype is already there. You’ve got a popular lead in Katic, and the mystery at the heart of the show is something that should be appealing to the masses.

Fingers crossed that the show finds an audience, and also that there is a US network that finds itself willing to jump on board, as well. It still feels like a summer run on a network like an NBC or a TNT on cable would be a great fit — remember that TNT syndicates Castle, so there is already an audience out there that is familiar with some of her work.

Another teaser – This is another photo of Katic from production of the show, and it features her seemingly in the midst of a go-cart race. This may very well be the most mysterious photo to date in terms of it being a hard one to read. The caption “She knows what she’ll have to do. But not now. Not yet. Not until she sees her son” is one that suggests her character Emily Byrne has some specific goals in mind, but then also priorities for how to achieve them. The base assumption to make here is that maybe Emily is embarking in some go-cart racing as a means to try and bond with her son further, that this may be a hobby that he enjoys and something that, in turn, she wants to get involved with. It doesn’t exactly seem like she’s preparing for a high-speed chase or is wearing that outfit with some sort of serious intention in mind.

What do you think about this new Absentia teaser? Sound off now in the attached comments!

Meanwhile, be sure to head over here in the event you do want some more teasers when it comes to Absentia, including analysis of some other photos. (Photo: Sony AXN.)

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