The Blacklist season 4 finale: Megan Boone of Liz – Reddington reveal

The Blacklist logo any seasonThe Blacklist is a show with so many different twists, turns, and surprises; should the latest Liz – Reddington one be believed?

Given that the show has put into motion so many tricks over the years, it’s fair to doubt the DNA test confirming that Reddington is her father. Yet, it seems to be the truth … at least for now. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Megan Boone seems to confirm what you saw tonight with the following quote:

“Liz has this DNA test confirming he’s her father, done with blood that had been sealed in an evidence vault for 30 years. Everything he’s done up until this point — turning himself into the FBI, risking his freedom and his entire criminal organization to protect her, watching her since she was a child, encouraging her over and over again over the years — are the manifestation of a father’s love. It all finally clicks into place for her.”

There there still some other twists that could be thrown out there? Certainly. There is, after all, the crazy theory that Reddington is actually Liz’s mother, and there’s another one that he is someone pretending to be Reddington and the real man died many years ago. These are both commonly produced theories, and we’re sure that others will be coming in the weeks / months ahead.

One of the other big mysteries that was introduced in the finale was that of the suitcase full of bones that Tom Keen dug up, and how this may be tied into everything. Is this Liz’s mother, or is something even dramatic / terrible at the center of this? This is the secret that Reddington was desperate to keep from her even more so than his own paternity, so whatever it is is probably something that is going to send shockwaves across the entire landscape of the show.

Of course, we do anticipate the Liz – Reddington reveal being a polarizing one given that there’s been so much invested in this relationship being ambiguous and there were plenty of people out there who preferred the idea of them as having a different sort of relationship. Ultimately, the show had to pick a side; for now, this is that said. We’ll see if it changes.

(Photo: NBC.)

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