Better Call Saul season 3 episode 6 review: Just words

Better Call Saul season 3Who knows what sort of Albuquerque the world would have if Jimmy McGill used his powers for good rather than evil? It’s a good question to ponder after watching Better Call Saul season 3 episode 6, which proved yet again that he is both a genius and also a pretty smarmy, terrible person.

After finding himself suspended by the New Mexico Bar for one year following the saga with Chuck, Jimmy looked to other opportunities in order to make money, and also ensure that he could keep his shared law office with Kim Wexler open. With that, he stumbled across an opportunity to convert some of his old commercial ad time to commercial ad time for other people. He could circumvent rules by how he decided to charge them, and work on making people into “stars” overnight. In order to do that, he made a new commercial featuring a different alter ego with a different name: Saul Goodman. Technically, this is not the first time the name has been uttered since the start of the show, but this is the first time in the present.

The reaction from Kim Wexler to this is virtually everything that you could have needed to see from her. She was horrified about it, and understandably so given that she is dating someone who is adopting fake goatees on television in order to convince people that they may be something that they’re not. He may be fulfilling his end of the bargain, but it is the manner that may disturb her more than anything else.

Given how much Kim and Jimmy have been through already, it probably won’t be anything that Jimmy does that prompts Kim to leave. It will be instead something that she realizes along the way. Jimmy told Kim that the name was effectively “just words.” It’s what they represent that makes them dangerous.

Chuck’s … recovery?

It was only a matter of time before Jimmy’s brother started to spiral out of control. First, he locked himself in his house and wouldn’t let alone in. When his brother didn’t show up, it only got worse from there until Howard turned up in hopes of trying to help him.

The closing minutes of this episode proved themselves to be one of the first opportunities in which there’s been genuine hope for Chuck, who braved the electronic outside world before calling his doctor for help. Consider this to be a positive sign that things may be going in the right direction.

Other odds and ends

-Is Nacho planning to take over Hector’s operation? He’s tried to play the game nicely, but there seems to be one person that is pushing him over the edge: The idea of his father getting involved in a business he’d want no part in. All of a sudden, the character is starting to contemplate further whether or not to plan something against his boss.

-As for Breaking Bad cameos, there were several in the episode. Yet, the small appearance from Lydia with Gus was the most exciting one, especially since the laundromat was also involved. Given that Lydia didn’t even turn up on the show until after Gus died, this one was especially fun to see. Grade: A-.

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