Better Call Saul season 3: Was the Saul Goodman shout-out earned?

Better Call Saul season 3Tonight on Better Call Saul season 3, a legend emerged. This said legend just so happened to have the name of Saul Goodman.

How did the name reveal itself over the course of the episode? Well, it had to do with Jimmy McGill, while on suspension from the Bar in the wake of what happened with Chuck, using it in a commercial that was the end result of some cleverness in its own right. He came up with this alter ego, convincing Kim Wexler in the process that this is “just a name” and not something meant to be taken any more serious for the time being.

Is that really the case? Well, consider that false given where we know that Jimmy eventually goes by the end of the series. Saul Goodman will be eventually born as an attorney, but here, it’s just a way for him to recover some money and find a way forward with his head above water.

While the reveal of the name is in so many ways surprising, it also does make a certain degree of sense when you think for a minute about how some plans are often forged: Desperation. Here, Jimmy realized that he needed something badly enough that he had to come up with a way to earn money without anyone relating him back to the guy who just got in a nasty battle with his brother in front of the Bar. Also, sometimes the best surprises are the ones that are truly this: Surprising. It was very difficult to fathom in advance that this was going to be the way that this surprise came to fruition, but that is precisely what ended up happening.

Now, moving forward the quest for Jimmy is to see whether or not he can avoid becoming Icarus and flying a little too close to the sun. The bad news for him is fairly simple: It’s not going to work out. Eventually, he may also lose Kim in the process, which is heartbreaking just because she is one of the few people who actually stood up for him through much of the journey to date. She believed in him even when she shouldn’t.

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(Photo: AMC.)

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