NCIS: Los Angeles season 8 finale review: Agent Hanna seeks revenge for wife’s death; Blye, Deeks engaged to marry

NCIS: Los Angeles season 8 finale reviewThe NCIS: Los Angeles season finale had viewers on the edge of their seats Sunday night. After last week’s shocking episode where Special Agent Sam Hanna’s wife was killed by a his arch nemesis Tahir Khaled, anything was possible. Knowing that Hanna would go rogue, the team had to work together to find Sam and to find the killer.

Tahir wasn’t finished torturing Sam, as he had other plans that unfolded. Stealing the coroner’s van with Sam’s wife inside, the killer wanted to inflict additional pain on the agent. In the first few minutes of the episode, Sam somehow managed to walk away from the team in search for the criminal. Seeking revenge (and telling everyone in his way it was going to happen) the NCIS agent went back to his house to pick up a bag full of weaponry. Getting some help from CIA Officer Vostanik Sabatino, the search to find Khaled started with connecting with old contacts.

While Sam was looking for Tahir, the twist of this story is Tahir was looking for Sam too. Threatening to cut up the stolen body, the crazy killer was looking to cause as much emotional damage as possible. He insisted to talk with Sam on the phone. The only problem was Sam was AWOL and the demand of speaking to Tahir wasn’t possible to fulfill.

Finally, through the art of technology, a time was set up for Tahir and Sam to meet face to face in Hollywood. Using Agent Hanna’s voice mail, the NCIS ops center was able to reconstruct some words to make it sound like he was on the phone when actually Sam was still nowhere to be seen.

With a backdrop of Hollywood, Tahir and Sam do finally meet on a Hollywood tour bus full of tourists. Only one of the two individuals will be walking away alive. As with everything Tahir does, there was a trap. Wiring himself to explode, he put one handcuff on Sam so that they would be killed together using a dead man switch.

The team stepped in to neutralize the situation. Nell cut off the tour bus in the middle of a road and Kensi killed the driver (who also worked for Tahir). Agent Callen stormed the bus and removed the passengers. Now, the two men were alone and their fate was to be decided. After a brief struggle, the decision of who lived and died came down to the handcuffs. It was Callen who shot the metal of the handcuffs cutting the two men apart. Agent Hanna and Agent Callen jumped off the bus only seconds before it exploded with Tahir on board.

The search for Tahir wasn’t a slam dunk like other cases. Tech Operator Eric Beale was burning wi-fi in hopes to find out details and Intelligence Analyst Nell Jones even took to the streets. The high energy episode reminded everyone that the NCIS team looked out for each other even when help wasn’t wanted.

NCIS: Los Angeles ended with a proposal

The ending of the season definitely will have fans talking about NCIS: Los Angeles. After seeing how short life could be, it was Kensi Blye who proposed to Marty Deeks in the middle of a Hollywood street. Getting down on one knee, the agents had a romantic moment with the worst timing. Of course, Deeks said yes.

We enjoyed this season of NCIS: Los Angeles. There were a number of twists, turns and some big losses. Knowing how the team always bounces back, we look forward to what happens when the show returns in the fall. How will Agent Hanna cope? Did Agent Blye find the man of her dreams? We will find out in September! Episode grade: A-.

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