Veep season 6 episode 5 review: Selina and Mike’s meltdown

Veep season 6 episode 5 reviewVeep season 4 episode 5 featured a wide array of big surprises, with one of the biggest ones being that all of a sudden, Mike and Selina were starting to get along. Despite their tenuous history (which mostly featured Selina repeatedly bashing her employee), the two found a way in order to start working together on the book.

Herein lies the issue: You knew that it wasn’t going to last, and as Mike started to question some of the understandably-questionable parts of her story, this led to some further questions being raised and conflict between the two. The further Selina went in digging up the truth, the more she started to realize that her dad was a cheater, a terrible person, and not the guy she remembered.

As the resolutions came out, the story went into arguably the craziest and most physical place in the world: Selina and Mike teaming up in order to destroy much of her father’s old stuff, with each one of them screaming about different ways they’d been wronged. Selina was irate over her father’s lies, while Mike started randomly shouting about Selina not paying him. Selina eventually crashed a car into the bar, blaming it on Mike, and telling him that the focus of the book would be on her parents’ terrible relationship and how she recovered from adversity.

Ironically, Selina decided after trashing her parents’ former home that this would end up being the site for her Presidential library. Is this better than any university? Well, it’s crafting a narrative. Unfortunately for Mike, the one thing that he wanted (a letter of recommendation for his daughter) was something he didn’t get despite the chaos.

Somehow, this wasn’t the only storyline related to Selina, given that she also still had the search for her ideal Presidential library and then also a bizarre bit of controversy related to Madame Tussauds. Specifically, there was something a wee bit wrong with the planned wax figure, and this caused some of Selina’s underlings (namely, Amy) to have to deal with some of this.

Could Richard be a father? Other stories

Recently, Marjorie and Catherine determined that Dan Egan, despite his ego, was far from an ideal candidate to be a sperm donor. With that, they somehow turned to someone else affiliated with Selina in Richard. He was eager to help, but there was a problem: Richard remained as non-sexual a person as humanly possible.

Meanwhile, Dan learned who was the leak of secrets when it comes to his personal life (let’s just say that his co-anchor was happy to spread further rumors), and Jonah found himself a new adviser-turned-lover, and they just so happened to be closely connected to Sherman tans.

Final verdict

In the end, Veep season 4 episode 5 proved to be just about as hilarious of an episode as you could hope for. Selina found out some hard truths about her father, while Richard had a chance to learn quite a bit about himself. Grade: B+.

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