Silicon Valley season 4 episode 4 review: Richard builds his new team

Silicon Valley season 4 episode 4 review

Going into Silicon Valley season 4 episode 4, Richard Hendricks already did what was effectively the unthinkable: He decided to start working with none other than Gavin Belson in looking in order to build a better internet.

Gavin had to agree, but he did that during the first few minutes of the episode. Hey, Gavin loves money, and this is a great source of money if it ends up working. What else does he have going on now that he’s gone from Hooli?

The big issue that came along with this agreement is trying to figure out how to build a new team. This was difficult since he had to find the legitimately best people, but also contend with the fact that nobody on his old Pied Piper team was willing to admit to being interested in working with him. The one exception to the rule here was Jared, who continues to be the most loyal soldier known to mankind.

Eventually, Richard did manage to get Gilfoyle on board the company, mostly because he needed him and knew how to appeal to his ego. Basically, this involved groveling as much as humanly possible. Giving Gilfoyle any power often does produce some fairly humorous results.

Other odds and ends during the episode

For Big Head, the hilarity mostly stemmed from his continued efforts to “teach” the various students of Stanford — eventually, this did lead to getting Erlich involved in his efforts, which in turn blew up in his face.

Meanwhile, Gilfoyle did his part to completely proof the incubator from the likes of Dinesh’s new girlfriend, who is a prolific hacker who could easily destroy the entire operation if and when the relationship goes south. This back and forth was probably the funniest part of the episode, much in the way that many debates between these guys go.

Finally, this episode did feature Jian Yang somehow stumbling into some great success thanks largely to him wandering around to various companies in hopes of a job … even if he already had one with the Seefood app. Hot dogs were a recurring joke in the episode thanks to his app; it’s where it started, and to an extent, where it ended.

Final verdict

The primary issue with this episode of Silicon Valley was that so much of the story was geared around plot, and moving forward the story. As a result of that, there wasn’t a while lot of time in order to focus on some of the humor. Grade: B.

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