Miss USA 2017: Was Chhavi Verg, Kara McCullough, Meridith Gould winner?

Miss USA 2017The Miss USA 2017 Pageant aired on Fox Sunday night — who managed to emerge at the top of the pack during this super-busy time of year?

As the end of the special approached, the top five women from all over the country were revealed: Megan Gordon of South Caroline, Chhavi Verg of New Jersey, Meridith Gould of Minnesota, Whitney Wandland of Illinois, and Kara McCulloguh of the District of Columbia. One of the most interest facets of these results geographically is the lack of West Coast representation, and only one person in Gordon from the South. Typically, this is the part of the country that does tend to dominate many of these pageants.

From here, the show of course went on with further questions and further deliberations … but of course there can only be one winner at the end of the day.

Specifically, here are some of the remaining results that you’re likely looking for.

4th and 5th place – These results aren’t necessarily explicit, but you should know that Gordon and Wandland were out of the running. This put Verg, McCullough, and Gould would be squaring off for the title this year.

Third place – Gould of Minnesota. Still, third is an incredible run, no? Given that there are fifty participants, it’s hard to imagine any one person thinking they will win.

Second place – Verg of New Jersey. Otherwise known as the runner-up, she’ll carry out the duties of the Miss USA if something goes awry.

Miss USA 2017 – McCullough. The Miss USA this year is specifically coming from the nation’s capital! In some ways, this is exciting since she is so closely tied to America’s capital; hopefully, she will in the process know how to be a good ambassador. (There are definitely problems with this elsewhere in Washington, no matter your party affiliation.) Congrats to Kara on the victory!

What did you think about tonight’s Miss USA Pageant, and who emerged on top at the end? Sound off now in the comments!

Meanwhile, for further news and insight on Miss USA, be sure to visit the link here right now. (Photo: Miss USA.)

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