Outlander season 3: Stories in photos; Caitriona Balfe’s tribute

CaitrionaFor viewers, Outlander season 3 is a series. Whether it be star Caitriona Balfe or the remainder of the cast and crew, it is an experience. Production in South Africa marks many months of their lives being a part of the region and the culture.

One subject that may not have been spoken of enough is the once-in-a-lifetime nature of the filming. In the novels, Jamie and Claire don’t stay in Jamaica forever. With that, there is a degree of brevity to what the cast and crew are doing in the area. A time will come when they leave, and when filming begins in other spots. Therefore, it remains best to soak in the sun’s many rays — and soak in the entire experience — while the opportunity still presents itself.

Some of the primary photos worth sharing today come from two different sources.

Lauren Lyle – What’s better than horseback riding on the beach? As someone who’s never experienced it, this may not be the best question to ask. Nevertheless, this new image from the actress (who plays the part of Marsali) alongside Balfe is lovely and it shows you some of the part of the region that really does double so wonderfully as the Caribbean. The contrast between the sand and the color of the ocean is nothing short of stunning.

Marsali & Claire off road 🐎🌊

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Patrick Conroy – An AD on the show, Conroy is one of the most important people in set in terms of making the show look and feel as excellent as it turns out. Conroy also happens to be up there with executive producer Matthew B. Roberts as one of the show’s most prolific photographers. There are a number of beautiful photos on his Twitter account; one of the latest ones can be seen below.

(Quick reminder: Visit the link here for further Outlander photo recommendations.)

Caitriona Balfe’s tribute – While not a set photo, it is worthwhile to share her celebration of nurses earlier this week on International Nurses Day. It’s one thing to play a woman in Claire Fraser on the show who is accomplished in the field; it’s another to know women in your real life who are skilled in the craft. Balfe’s connections to the profession exist on all fronts, and nurses in general remain one of the most unheralded and under-appreciated professions in terms of all they do. Belated well-wishes to all nurses that are out there.

For some further news when it comes to Outlander season 3 (and even season 4), follow the link here and visit the official archive! (Photo: Starz.)

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