Renewal / cancellation holdouts: Quantico, Scream Queens, Chicago Justice

Scream Queens

Other than CBS, the majority of the major TV networks have issued the majority of their renewals and cancellations to their bubble shows … but a few still remain, hiding under the specter of upfronts and wondering what their future could be.

For the sake of this article, the goal is to try and determine in particular where the future could lie for three in Quantico, Scream Queens, and Chicago Justice who are all surprisingly still facing an uncertain future far longer than it seemed that they would be. (Remember, you can read the piece about all of the CBS holdovers by visiting the link here.)

Quantico – One of the remaining holdouts on ABC, the Priyanka Chopra series is likely safe due to a combination of international sales and star power. Remember that Chopra is starring in the Baywatch movie coming out this summer, and most signs point towards that being an enormous hit that could, in turn, help the show. Even without that, signs still point to the overall metrics moving the needle enough to give the spy series one more kick at the can.

Scream Queens – On the surface, it felt like Fox had buried this show long ago. They allowed it to wrap close to Christmas, which is never a good sign for a show looking for a renewal. Some of the cast already is looking elsewhere for other roles.

If there is still a reason for some slight hope, it stems from the relationship between the network and executive producer Ryan Murphy. They’ve maintained such a collaborative spirit for so long that the idea of them continuing such a relationship is believable.

Chicago Justice – Speaking of collaboration, this show is a part of the One Chicago family, and all of those series are coming back for another season. While at first signs pointed towards optimism for the series, it is fair to wonder if the recent turnaround on Timeless (which was briefly canceled) means there is less room in the schedule for this. Remember that NBC did not cancel too many dramas elsewhere, choosing to bring back Blindspot, Taken, and The Blacklist despite lower ratings. The most high-profile cancellations on the network are The Blacklist: Redemption and Emerald City, and there was never much hope for either one of them.

Which show do you want to see back on the air the most for another season? Be sure to share some of your thoughts on the matter in the comments!

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