Better Call Saul season 3 episode 6 spoilers: Your Nacho update

Better Call Saul season 3The Better Call Saul season 3 episode 6 sneak peek HERE from Monday night’s new episode serves to answer one question: Where’s Nacho? Michael Mando is a huge component to the show, but simultaneously his character has been on the back burner for the majority of the season.

This sneak peek features Nacho taking on a role within the Hector operation that is one of the most challenging: Collector. If you are late on getting everything together, he is apparently who you are set to speak with. Nacho is a reasonably guy — he’s smart, diplomatic, and he understands that things are not always black and white when it comes to the multiple sides of the drug operation.

Unfortunately, there is also one other thing that clearly Nacho does not fully have within him: The capacity for cruelty. He doesn’t enjoy being ruthless and going after people, and this is reflected in the end of this preview. He could have made some sort of big, violent move in order to ensure that more money came his way, but he believes that non-violence sometimes is better than violence. Is this him being soft? This depends on perspective, though it’s clear that Hector carries within him a very different perspective on the sort of work that needs to be done and some of the best possible ways to go about doing it.

The excitement over the remainder of the season will come courtesy of the eventual interaction between Nacho and Mike, given this is obviously coming at some point. You also have the potential of a meeting between Nacho and Gus, which works to beg another important question: What is the connection like between these two guys? Is there some sort of surprising bond that they share? Is Gus the one responsible for removing Nacho from the equation? All are interesting questions in their own right. One way or another, Nacho isn’t involved in the story as we see it on Breaking Bad, so something must come along the way to find the character landing in such a position.

What do you think about the content of the Better Call Saul season 3 episode 6 preview here, and what do you think will become of Nacho? Share below.

(Photo: AMC.)

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