Outlander season 3: The latest Q&A on writing, Print Shop scene, and more

Print ShopWhile Outlander season 3 may be a ways down the road, hopefully some talk on the Print Shop scene will help to ease the wait!

Today, executive producer / writer Matthew B. Roberts conducted a brief Q&A session on Instagram. Given that not everyone has the app and its infrastructure can make seeing individual questions / answers rather challenging, consider this a one-stop shop for some of the news of note. There was some great information passed along here, even if of course there are certain things that cannot be given away too far in advance.

Before continuing, be sure to follow Roberts on Instagram if you aren’t already. He’s a talented photographer to go along with a skilled writer.

On his excitement to write out the Print Shop scene – “I had the print shop picked out from day one — way back in 2012 when the writers started this show. Even though we didn’t have a S2 or S3 pick up at the time.”

On the greatness of season 3 – “There are absolutely wonderful moments in S3. The writing (if I do say so myself), performances and cinematography are out of this world. I feel the team has outdone ourselves this season.”

On the biggest filming challenges – It Scotland, he commented that it is the rain; for South Africa, it is the wind.

On the new writers room – There are three new writers coming aboard the show for the upcoming fourth season. The room is set!

On season 4 locations – The production has determined where all of the America-set scenes will be filmed.

Why so many questions on season 4 while season 3 is still on the air? The easiest answer to this question is the eagerness of anticipation! It’s so easy to want so much more of a great thing; it’s why questions about season 5 will likely surface in the middle of season 4, and this isn’t a bad thing given that you want to continue pleasing your fans to the point where they are continuously excited for more.

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