Chicago Med season 2 finale review: Will’s decision; is Dr. Charles dead?

Chicago Med season 2 finale review

Tonight’s Chicago Med season 2 finale began with a feeling of prevailing despair: Robin was hospitalized again after her latest incident. To make matters worse, Connor Rhodes was in a situation where he could have done more. He could have made a different decision when it comes to her treatment; allowing her to come home turned out to be a mistake.

Once at Chicago Med, however, Connor made the move he long should have: Relinquished control. The same goes for Dr. Charles. It turnout that there was more wrong medically than it appeared on the surface, including a tumor that needed an operation. Dr. Latham took care for her physically, whereas Dr. Reese handled her case psychologically. Despite the resistance, Rhodes is a smart man and he did the right thing. His behavior is indicative of Chicago Med as a whole this season — solid, not flashy, but compelling every step of the way. In terms of tackling medicine, few shows execute it better.

As Robin recovered and started to make sense of her surroundings, an apologetic Charles went to greet her, pained over trying to put her under a psychiatric hold previously. He was more understanding than you would think.

Right when all seemed fine and Dr. Charles would emerge from the hospital after this terrible day, he found himself shot outside the hospital by a deranged patient, one he didn’t get around to teaching. Is he dead? The good news is that he’s in the best possible spot for someone to find him and get him treatment.

The status of Will and Nina

Entering the finale, the writing was on the wall that they weren’t lasting. The tension turned palpable with Will and Natalie Manning weeks ago, and Patti Murin has another gig playing Anna in Frozen on Broadway. The mystery was how the show would write her off.

After Will and Natalie were able to save the life of their patient, you could see the story starting to build. He admitted that to Nina mere moments later. He told her that he hadn’t been fair to her; she had feelings for Natalie, and he didn’t want to admit them until he did. He didn’t know that Natalie had the same. The situation was pretty terrible given that Will and Nina are living together. All things considered, though, it could’ve been worse. At least he didn’t cheat on her and plummet his status as a good person into the ground.

After the breakup, Will went to Noah’s resident party (is that a thing?) in order to share a dance with her. Meanwhile, in the process Sarah and Noah had a nice moment! When will the writers make that more of a thing? They did decide to make Choi and April a thing instead, something that was slightly unexpected given the reaction to the last kiss.

Final Verdict

If there were struggles with the finale, it would be not handing down life-altering medical stories to every character … though such is life in the hospital since not every person will have such a moment at the same time. What the writers presented on Chicago Med was a story that moved things forward, while forcing them to look within their past. The best moment of the entire episode may be Rhodes pondering over the Robin crisis in relationship to what happened to his own mother. Grade: B+.

Look ahead to season 3

There may be no confirmed premiere date for Chicago Med season 3 just yet, but the link here serves as your resource for some of the first speculation on what lies ahead. (Photo: NBC.)

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