Arrow season 5 episode 21 review: A tale of two fathers

Arrow season 5 episode 21 reviewArrow season 5 episode 21 was entitled “Honor Thy Fathers,” which was a reference to an episode fairly on during the series’ run. It didn’t take a whole lot of time to understand why after watching this installment play out. It was emotional, but it also showed precisely what the weakness in Adrian Chase’s armor was: His father’s own legacy.

In working to expose more of this to him, Oliver managed to figure out a way to throttle him, and ultimately make it so that he was not ten steps ahead anymore (at least seemingly). Did that remain the case? Well, the thing about Chase is that he had to assume that this could be coming. He sported a yellow jumpsuit, but he seemed almost devilishly content, as though this was all once more a part of his twisted plan.

With Chase behind bars, Oliver and Thea (who returned, but probably not for good based on what she was saying) had to contend with the fact that their father Robert Queen had killed in the past, as well. He may not have done it in a brutal murderous way, but it doesn’t change the fact that it still happened. Prometheus tried to use this against Oliver, but through a press conference at the end of the episode, he nipped the situation in the bud.

Ultimately, it was nice to see Team Arrow get a rare win in here … even if it’s temporary.

The loss goes to Rene

After spending so much time getting excited about getting his daughter back, why in the world was he not at the hearing for her? He was afraid of testifying and thought that there was a zero-percent change that he would get her back. Yet, we want to believe that there is more to his absence than him just being a flake and not wanting to be there for her. Just remember that the title for the next new episode is “Missing,” and we do like to think that this does mean something.

One other moment of praise

Other than Chase’s arrest, there weren’t too many surprises in this episode or moments that had us jumping up and down — beyond the action sequences. These were outstanding, a further reminder of what the show does well and a reason to be excited about what they could do moving forward between Oliver and Prometheus.


“Honor Thy Fathers” was a pretty fantastic episode in terms of setting up the theme of the season further, and also delivering what, on the surface, appeared to be a happy ending to the story of Chase. You just knew in the end that there is still a storm brewing underneath the surface. It’s almost good that there is, given that after so much buildup, the arrest of Chase this time felt a little anticlimactic. Grade; B.

What is coming up on Arrow moving forward?

If you want to get some further news when it comes to next week’s new episode, head over to the link here! That’s where you can see a promo for the next installment. (Photo: The CW.)

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