Chicago PD season 4 finale spoilers: Sophia Bush’s Lindsay and devastation

Chicago PD season 4 finale spoilersFor the sake of this Chicago PD season 4 finale spoilers piece, we’re focusing almost entirely on Erin Lindsay and the tough times ahead. Specifically, these tough times relate to her mother, Bunny, who has always found a way to get herself or Lindsay into trouble. Over the course of this Chicago PD season 4 finale episode, we will see Sophia Bush’s character unravel as she tries to come to grips with the reality that her mother is being looked at as a suspect in a murder – which isn’t that far a stretch when you look at some of the things that Bunny has done over the years. As if this wasn’t enough of a problem for her, she also has to deal with a wide array of personal struggles to go along with it. This episode could be one of the most important episodes of the entire series when it comes to dictating the future of not only Lindsay, but also her family.

Of course, there are some other problems that Lindsay is facing that we haven’t even mentioned here just yet. If you love the actress, get ready for an excellent performance — the show clearly is saving some of the juiciest material for this season 4 finale, similar to “Keep Digging” last year, an installment that probably left you screaming at your television over what Hank Voight decided to do following the death of his son.

Chicago PD season 4 finale synopsis – “When Lindsay (Sophia Bush) receives a panicked call from her mother Bunny (guest star Markie Post) whose boyfriend had just been shot, Lindsay must figure out the best way to approach the situation, as her mother is now a murder suspect. The case opens up when a group of high school students OD, and the drugs in question relate back to the situation with Bunny. In addition to her mother’s issues, Lindsay finds herself up against the review board dealing with consequences of her actions.”

Sophia Bush has grown as an actress with this show and the more the writers test her abilities with stories like this, the more we see just how good she really is. She reminds us a bit of Matthew Gray Gubler over on Criminal Minds, who is always great to watch, but when he gets meaty storylines (like we just saw with the finale), he sets the bar really high for other actors. Sophia Bush has given us that kind of performance before and we are expecting that level of performance in the finale as well. Also remember that Chicago PD will be coming back for a season 5, so we may have a cliffhanger coming up in the finale.

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