Grey’s Anatomy season 13 episode 23 spoilers: Could Stephanie die?

Could Stephanie dieCould Stephanie die on Grey’s Anatomy season 13? There are reasons to worry, with Jerrika Hinton’s impending exit being at the top. This is a series that does have a tendency to kill people off, so you do have to expect there to be these sort of things happening.

In the new sneak peek below courtesy of TVLine, the stage is set as to how Stephanie could be killed — there is a dangerous patient loose in the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, and Jackson is immensely worried about her. Her location is unclear, and we already know that she is rattled in the way of everything that happened on this past episode. Her bedside manner is failing, her confidence is shaken, and it’s hard to imagine that she is going to be able to recover from this in just one episode. She never really took the team to heal in the wake of everything last season, and there were some failures on the end of the other doctors in assuming that she’d be okay.

Now that we have said all of this, it does feel almost as though the entire situation is a little bit on the nose for Edwards to die, and there are some other ways that the character could be written off. For example, maybe she just decides that this career isn’t right for her at this time, or she wants to go somewhere else for a fresh start. Killing off main characters has become almost a bit passe — it works when it’s unexpected, but now it feels almost as though it’s considered the default move for Shonda Rhimes to make. We know that she’s pretty fiercely intelligent, and with that, we envision that she is going to find some other ways to shake things up so that she continues to keep you on your toes.

As for the reason why Hinton is leaving, she’s got a new project over with HBO that has True Blood mastermind Alan Ball involved. In other words, it’s a heck of a good reason.

What do you think about this Grey’s Anatomy preview? Do you think that Stephanie will die this season, or be written out in some other way? Share below!

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