NCIS: New Orleans season 3 episode 23 review: Is Agent Pride dead? Mayor Hamilton vies for Navy shipyard

NCIS: New Orleans season 3 episode 23 reviewOn Tuesday night the fans of NCIS: New Orleans were on the edge of their seats. With Mayor Hamilton looking to fill his pockets with cash on project in Clearwater, he was stopping at nothing to get approval for a new Navy shipyard in the suburbs of New Orleans. Even if that means destroying Agent Pride and his team.

Thankfully, the team is somewhat back together. Special Agent Christopher Lasalle convinced a judge to let Special Agent Sonja Percy out of jail. Needing the extra help, she jumped on the case to get started immediately. Still under FBI orders, Investigative Computer Specialist Patton Plane isn’t suppose to touch computers, but his help hacking from an undisclosed location helps the team too.

Mayor Hamilton hasn’t given up on his quest to rid New Orleans of the NCIS office. Knowing Agent Pride and his team are only a couple steps behind in finding out his plan to move residents from Clearwater illegally and making a hefty profit, the politician uses his power to remove Agent Pride.

Not only does the Mayor complain to Pride’s supervisors, but he publicly scolds him. Agent Pride, making the mission way too personal, takes some over the top chances that save the day, but still make him look very bad. After a firefight in the middle of a crowded street full of tourists, confronting a politician, and even driving his car into an outdoor dining area, it was clear that Pride was going to face further trouble.

More upset by the hour, Agent Pride and Mayor Hamilton offer an intense showdown, but they aren’t the only people involved in the crisis at all. Hamilton has silent partners, including a precision killer in town helping making the deal happen. The killer finds himself frustrated when Agent Pride repeatedly foils his attempts to finalize the decision.

The only holdout is a politician from D.C. who doesn’t trust Mayor Hamilton to move the residents out of Clearwater and thinks the Navy Shipyard belongs in Georgia. As the fans watched in horror, there were three attempts on her life after refusing to change her vote. After the final time, without Pride interceding, it appeared the Mayor won the war and she appeared dead after he offered her a drink.

The final scenes of the show had Agent Pride going his own way to find justice. Accepting an offer to meet the Mayor at his bar, the moment of truth is a classic bait-and-switch. Hamilton’s silent partner is the one waiting at the bar. With the establishment wired to explode, Pride is left fighting for his life. The team arrives the next morning to see the bar burnt to the ground with a body next to Pride’s badge and gun.

While there is no proof that Pride died, the team doesn’t know where he went or what to expect next. Required to stand down, they find themselves waiting and watching on what might come next with this game of cat and mouse. Mayor Hamilton will lose everything if he can’t convince the powers that be to move a Navy shipyard in the area. Agent Pride will lose his job and more if he can’t prove the Mayor is corrupt.

Where is Agent Pride?

With a cliffhanger ending, the fans will need to wait until next week to see what happens to NCIS: New Orleans. With Agent Pride in the wind, there could be a moment when a man (and not an agent) takes revenge for all that has happened in his city. Viewers might be asking how far will Agent Pride go to save his city. We think next week’s finale will answer that question and more! Episode grade A-.

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