Bull episode 21 review: Did J.P. Nunnelly save Benny Colon?

Bull episode 21 reviewBull episode 21 brought to the table something much more than just a typical case — it also gave you the big debut of Eliza Dushku! The Joss Whedon favorite started off her arc tonight as J.P. Nunnelly, a woman who was perhaps better than any other defense attorney in New York City.

Like with Dr. Bull, she is also a character good enough at what she does to merit her own show. This is a woman who wakes up at 3:00 in the morning in order to get things rolling on the day, holds meetings in the restaurant she partly owns, and also fixes problems for all walks of life in the city. Think Jason Bull and Olivia Pope rolled into a single person.

The problem that we saw J.P. take on tonight was also one that certainly held some major ramifications, given that she had the responsibility to clear Benny Colon after his past came back to bite him last week. At first, it looked like she was just there to negotiate a deal, but when that fell apart thanks in part to Bull, we saw a completely different situation unfold. In the end, what we ultimately ended up seeing here was a situation where Nunnelly and Bull came to an agreement — if she helped him clear Benny’s name, then he would do three different cases for her moving forward. It was a tough bargain, but did Bull really have a choice?

Luckily, J.P. proved to be well worth every penny in the courtroom. She was smart, effective, and she worked well with the team. Sure, she and Bull had a flirty relationship, but that didn’t get in the way too much of what was done in the courtroom. The biggest issue the team had was that J.P. was so good at getting her information she did so without the team knowing precisely how she was getting it.

Ultimately, it didn’t quite matter given that Nunnelly not only helped Benny; she also worked to pin some of those responsible. She basically did the job of Bull within the walls of the courtroom. Impressive, no?

Overall take

Ultimately, tonight’s episode was great given that we had the debut of a new character who seems to be a professional and intellect threat to Bull. She also has some element of power over him in the wake of Benny’s acquittal. Her presence served to add some spice as we near the end of the season. Grade: B+.

Where could things go from here on Bull season 1?

Basically, you are going to end up seeing Bull kick off some of his formal work with J.P. in hopes of making good on his deal. Head over to the link here for some further information.

What did you think about tonight’s episode of Bull, and do you think that Dushku had a worthy debut? Share in the comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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