Pretty Little Liars season 7 mystery: Who killed Jessica DiLaurentis?

Who killed Jessica DiLaurentis

There are many different mysteries at the heart of Freeform’s Pretty Little Liars, but this one is critical: Who killed Jessica DiLaurentis? Luckily, it seems as though the answer is being handed down on Tuesday night’s new episode.

As for who the responsible party could be, we don’t necessarily think that the list of suspects is all that vast given that Mary didn’t seemingly have all that much in the way of contact with many other characters on the show. You can easily say that Spencer’s adoptive father could be a suspect, or make the same case for Veronica Hastings. Maybe Jessica was holding something over on them and one of them opted to get revenge.

Or, you can argue that maybe Mary Drake is responsible, given that she has a troubled history of her own. Would she be a little too on-the-nose as far as a suspect? Probably, but it does feel wrong still to rule her out of contention. There are also some other names floating around out there, whether it be Melissa Hastings or whoever ended up killing Charlotte. Is the killer A.D.? It’s possible.

No matter who is actually behind said killing, for the time being we’re mostly happy to just be getting some sort of resolution to this story in general given that this has long been one of the show’s biggest loose ends and things that it really needed to tie together. We figure that they won’t get to all of them over the course of the show’s run. With that, we just hope that they touch on as many as possible that make some sense to the story at present.

Bonus sneak peek

What’s going on with Aria? This is a question that’s fair to ask, but the understandable answer at the moment may be as simple as “she’s trying to handle everything going on in her life between A.D. and Ezra.” Given everything that she’s been through, it’s a little bit easy to understand at the moment why she would have an interest in smashing a glass.

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