Is Rosewood canceled? Morris Chestnut message suggests so

Rosewood canceledIs Rosewood canceled at Fox? While we haven’t heard 100% confirmation on the subject yet, some of the first information coming out suggests so.

Specifically, series star Morris Chestnut tweeted out a note on his Instagram page this morning that certainly reads like the show is going to be heading out to pasture, thanking fans for their support and expressing gratitude that he got to be a part in a project that brought so much good to so many people around the world.

If the message from Chestnut is not enough to convince you that the show is ending, the message from his co-star Jaina Lee Ortiz (Villa) probably well. These two stars wouldn’t post this message at this time otherwise, right? We won’t put the nail in the coffin until official word comes in, but you should take what’s being said here pretty seriously.

While the ratings for Rosewood were not great, and that is one of the reasons why the show is likely set to end, there was still hope that somehow, the series could find a way to stick around. It’s fairly cost-effective for Fox, and it does bring in a dedicated audience. Unfortunately, this is just the time of the year when there are tough decisions made by networks, and every little thing matters. For Rosewood, it appears that declining viewership is one of the biggest things that did it in.

One of the biggest things that you can hope for now is that there is another network or show that will be willing to pick up the cast for some other roles. Maybe it’s possible in theory that someone could pick up the show, but with its ratings being what they are, it feels reasonably unlikely and the last thing that we’d probably want to do is give anyone some false hope.

If this cancellation sticks, Fox now has many other bubble shows on the roster, and that includes the likes of New Girl, The Exorcist, Gotham, and 24: Legacy. We do anticipate Gotham coming back, and with lower ratings across the board, many other shows may also have a little bit of a chance.

What do you think about the Rosewood cancellation if the news turns out to be true? Share some of your thoughts in the comments below! (Photo: Fox.)

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