Scorpion season 3 episode 24 review: Walter, Paige, and a deserted island

Scorpion season 3 episode 24 review

Going into Scorpion season 3 episode 24, we knew that the team would be finding themselves in some situations that they were not prepared for. The entire crew was stranded out on a deserted island following a plane crash, and left largely to their own devices in order to figure out how to survive.

There were many different issues that the team had to combat almost right away, and it started with trying to help the ailing pilot. It really took a village in order to rescue him, and there were many moments in which it felt like he was going to die.

It certainly didn’t help things that for most of the episode, Walter was sporting the biggest set of love goggles ever. After he and Paige confessed their feelings for each other, he was experiencing so many feelings he hadn’t felt before! It took talks from both Paige and Sylvester to snap him back into reality, and remind him that even though he’s being kind and sweet, this wasn’t the time for it when there were so many difficult problems that they had to take on.

To make things even more complicated, the team had to alternate between trying to save said pilot and send a flare off to a nearby boat to better ensure their safety. They were able to do that, but weren’t quite as successful when it comes to the flare.

The funny thing with Walter and Paige was that after saving the pilot, Paige reversed course and made it clear that she wanted Walter to be himself, and use whatever random pet names he wants.

In the closing minutes, we learned that the entire Scorpion crew had been stranded on the ocean for a good three weeks — at this point, they are largely driving each other crazy. Walter is learning to fish, Cabe is in denial, and Sylvester is starting to lose his mind — and sporting far more of a beard than anyone else.

Overall Take

This episode was fun mostly because of the banter and the back-and-forth. This side of Walter was very entertaining, even if it was tough for everyone else to deal with until he came around. Meanwhile, we took some pleasure in learning a few other details about Happy, including that she may have dated Jake Gyllenhaal and also was apparently a pop star in Portugal for a brief period of time. (New Robin Sparkles, anyone?)

Now, our big challenge is waiting a good seven days to see his this story wraps up. Grade: B+.

Where things go entering the finale

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