The Big Bang Theory conspiracy theories: Five of the most ridiculous

The Big Bang Theory conspiracy theoriesOne of the great things about classic sitcoms is that there does tend to be a tendency for there to be a wide array of ridiculous conspiracy theories about them. Some of them are utterly heartbreaking (such as Saved by the Bell being a Zack Morris dream world) and some are just complete nonsense, or that Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor from Home Improvement is some sort of Christlike figure. There are a ton of random Seinfeld theories out there, as well, from speculation that Kramer lost a wife to a wide array of Superman references.

Do we believe in much of this stuff? Absolutely not, but it’s fun to discuss. Today, we figured we’d share our ten favorite The Big Bang Theory conspiracy theories that we’ve had leading up to the Thursday finale. Most of these we’ve thought of at some point watching the show over the years; not all of them even hold water anymore.

1. Penny’s career move – What if Penny originally got close to the guys as a means of furthering her own acting career? Maybe she thought that it would help her be more relatable in auditions. Since that point, she’s gotten to know them and love them, and since she’s not an aspiring actress anymore, she doesn’t feel the need to reveal the truth to them anymore about her original intention.

2. Stuart has been the biggest genius all along – Wouldn’t it be funny if it’s revealed at the end of the season that Stuart’s been using the comic-book store / living with Howard as a cover to compile information from everyone for his own research? We do think that there’s gotta be some sort of ridiculous Stuart reveal at the end of the series … but this is probably not going to be it. We’ve also thought of this same idea with Penny being the secret genius.

3. Amy is experimenting on Sheldon – We know that she’s studied the behavior of many other animals, so why not Sheldon? Think of this as a Masters of Sex sort of situation, with the only difference being that she’s decided not to include Sheldon in on his part as the subject. She does love him, but she’ll return home from Princeton with a full paper all about her time studying genius mind and behavior.

4. Emily is actually a serial killer – This is one of the darker theories that we’ve had, but we know that Raj’s ex-girlfriend has a knack for the macabre. Maybe she brought him to the graveyard with the intention of killing him, but couldn’t bring herself to do it after his confession? This theory actually held more water when they were still together; now that they’re broken up, we feel like she would’ve killed him by now. There’s no reason not to anymore, right?

5. The entire series is Sheldon’s psychotic break – Maybe Sheldon really does live with Leonard, but the entire series — from Penny’s arrival onward — is his subconscious acting out the world that he wants. Maybe he really wants Leonard to be happy, but a false reality is the only way he can express it. Maybe this is also the only way that he could find love and get himself to a place where he could accept it.

Do you have any crazy theory on The Big Bang Theory? Share in the comments below!

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