Entrepreneur burnout: Shark Tank reveals business owners about to give up

Entrepreneur burnoutShark Tank reveals so many things about the entrepreneurial spirit. Even burnout. Know someone who has entrepreneur burnout? It could be you. After working every angle and exhausting all resources, it appears that one is still unable to get an investment to keep going. It could be best described as entrepreneurs hitting a wall. Entrepreneur burnout is a brutal reality of what people who have dreams often face.

The solution for entrepreneur burnout seems easy. It might be fixed by taking a vacation or a few weeks to rest. However, it’s not surprising that burnout raises the stakes of the entrepreneurial process. Many people make the mistake of becoming so stressed and exhausted, they decide on a last ditch effort before vowing to give up. It becomes all an or nothing moment. The burnout is obvious to others. Shows like Shark Tank have a share of entrepreneur pitches that are DOA before the cameras roll.

How does this happen? In an ode of desperation, the small business owners or entrepreneurs share their dreams to the investors. Investors can tell there is something off about the pitch, but they don’t know what. The energy of the pitch, the focus on the idea or the lack of solid numbers could be signs of concern. These types of pitches become an all or nothing gamble. A risk that no investor is willing to partake in, even if their idea is solid.

As some point, though, the entrepreneur burnout is revealed. It’s one of those moments that feels like the bottom dropped out of a pitch. It’s a cold, heartless millisecond where everyone realizes the entrepreneur is too tired to continue. Or too overwhelmed to be successful. Those dreaded words “I’m out” are heard.

Entrepreneur burnout isn’t uncommon

This exact scenario happened recently on Shark Tank. Viewers could feel the desperation radiating from the television as the small business owner opened his soul to the cameras and pleaded with The Sharks for a deal. It sounded too desperate. Even the introduction video had a sense of despair.

Entrepreneur burnout isn’t uncommon for people who desire to dream big. It’s hard to imagine anyone not being stressed out and taxed if they decide to focus on their own idea continuously for weeks, months or years. Things don’t happen without a massive push. Just make sure when you hit an entrepreneur burnout moment, you stop and regroup. And don’t go on Shark Tank as The Sharks aren’t funding any last ditch efforts.

Entrepreneur tip: If you’re feeling like you might have entrepreneur burnout or thinking about giving up on your project, decide to take a break. Be it a vacation, a new idea or just a little time off, give yourself a breather before making any serious decisions.

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