Home Fires series finale (PBS): On legacy and a look back

Home Fires series finaleIt’s strange and rather sad to think about, but that does not make the news any less true: The Home Fires series finale airs this weekend. British fans of the show experienced this pain in a slightly different way last year — when the show first aired, the only thing known was that it was the season 2 finale on ITV. It was not until after the fact when it was revealed that this show was actually the last one that you would get a chance to see. The cancellation was abrupt, and therefore unsatisfying.

Is the series finale itself satisfying? We don’t want to say too much for PBS viewers tomorrow, but there are some stories that are wrapped up. However, there are others that will require some imagination or revisiting down the line, and that is something that we will discuss more in a roundabout way on Sunday.

One of the biggest things that we want to address here is what the show really represented during its run, and more than anything else, we’d argue that it is a talent of perseverance. So often, you hear the words “Keep Call and Carry On” as a motto for British resilience, and there are moments within this world that are indicative of that. Remember that calmness does not mean weakness — there are characters taking hold of their own destiny without making bold, brash moves to do it. Look at Frances, or look at the ever-burgeoning strength of Pat against Bob.

This is also a show about historical bravery, given that so many of these characters were thrust into a time of great paranoia and fear, and they realized that wallowing in that would not be the key to their happiness. Instead, they opted to move forward and challenge the world. They were brave, and there are messages to be taken from that in a modern day that is in some ways stuffed full of uncertainty.

A little reflection

It feels appropriate that the sneak peek for the Home Fires series finale, as released by PBS, is one featuring many of the women discussing what they’ve been through and their past. It reminds you of some of the characters’ journey, and how much further they had to go.

Remember now that you can see some more story-specific teasers for the Home Fires finale over at the link here. Meanwhile, share some of your expectations for the episode now in the comments. (Photo: PBS.)


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