Blue Bloods season 7 finale review: A resignation; Danny’s life burns

Blue Bloods season 7

We knew going into writing this Blue Bloods season 7 finale review that this would be an emotional hour. We’ve seen the previews, and we saw during the first half of the episode that the show was going big. We saw some of the biggest action sequences of the season tonight, the return of David Ramsey as Mayor Poole, and arguably the most dramatic conclusion in the history of the show as we saw Danny’s entire life go up in flames.

Let’s start this review, though, by discussing the return of Ramsey. We have seen a constant back-and-forth as of late between Rank and the Mayor’s Office, and everything came to a head tonight. Poole blamed Frank and the NYPD for being unable to get a dangerous criminal off the street, and Frank was upset with all of the pushback he felt the department was getting from the Mayor’s Office during some of the department’s cases.

Ultimately, the NYPD managed to catch the guy responsible, and that should have been a victory for both parties. Yet, there was still so much blood on everyone’s hands, and in the end, Poole made the decision to resign from his position. Frank was the first to know.

Does this mean the end of Ramsey on the show? Probably, but with his schedule we’re honestly shocked that it took this long.

Danny takes on the cartel

It was clear from the moment that he wanted to take on the cartel that there were going to be problems. For one, he had the classic local-police-versus-the-feds conflict going on. Beyond that, there was also the issue here of the cartel themselves. Frank skirted around the letter of the law (one that got him in trouble both with his boss, and caused tension with Erin) to get on a boat with a cartel member. From there, things started to get a little bit crazy; he seized the money, but it was clear that the move would have consequences.

The biggest consequence was Danny coming home at the end of a work day to realize that his entire house was on fire. Clearly, his name had gotten back to people at the cartel, and his actions produced one of the worst possible ends imaginable. The entire family was shaken, and they had to figure out the best possible way to move forward. Given that this is the Reagan family, they leaned on each other to get through the hard times. Our closing scene of the episode was actually Danny taking his

Jamie goes solo

With Eddie still missing in action on the show, Jamie decided to take things on alone tonight in an effort to stop the serial killer. He didn’t get a lot of the credit, but without Jamie, Poole and Frank would still be trying to hunt this guy down.

It was nice to see this side of the character; we’d like to say that this could be an indication of Jamie’s future, but we’d rather have him with Eddie solving crimes together.


The finale for Blue Bloods was in so many ways exactly what we would have expected — thought-provoking, powerful, and compelling.

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