Shark Tank review: Wallet Buckle, Peoples Design, Thompson Tee, Rumi Spice

Thompson TeeIn our Shark Tank review tonight, we’re discussing four products in Rumi Spice, Thompson Tee, Wallet Buckle, and Peoples Design. These are products that all come from very different places, and they all entered the Shark with very different things that they do well.

So who walked away with a deal, and who tanked … to use the operative word? We’re going to have some further updates over the course of the episode, so be sure to refresh the page.

Thompson Tee – It’s a shirt that helps to prevent excess sweat. It keeps you from those embarrassing stains when you’re out doing a presentation. It’s a little expensive for one shirt, and they also asked for a ton of money. Still, there was a little bit of interest from Robert Herjavec who related to some of they were going through. He also just so happened to be the only person who was interested, and that complicates things rather greatly.

Ultimately, they accepted the deal! It’s probably the right move, largely because of the fact that Robert seems passionate about the business and even could be a good brand ambassador now with what they showed of him in the Tank.

Wallet Buckle – This is a fun idea, since it makes things easy for people attending festivals or other things where people may sport a belt buckle and no pockets. You can keep your credit cards in your belt buckle! We do think that there is a market for the company, Lori Greiner is right: This is niche. Unless you wear a belt buckle, this isn’t for you. It may go viral, but we’re not sure it has long-term viability.

Rumi Spice – It’s a great story about helping farmers in Afghanistan, while simultaneously also building a business around one key product in Saffron. We honestly don’t know just how big this can get given that saffron is expensive, and the average consumer probably doesn’t even know what it is. Congratulations to them on still being able to get a deal with Mark Cuban.

Peoples Design – This was a deal written in the stars for Lori Greiner, mostly because of the fact that it seems perfect for QVC. It’s a multi-use bowl that ultimately works best when it is shown as opposed to just sitting in a box in the store. We were a little scared that he was about to blow it when he started asking for a royalty deal, but he got his head on straight in the end.

Which product from Shark Tank tonight did you enjoy the most? Be sure to share some of your thoughts in the comments!

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