Hawaii Five-0 season 7 episode 24 review: Is Chin going to propose to Abby?

Hawaii Five 0 ChinWhen you think about how many episodes are in Hawaii Five-0 season 7 it may seem like a lot (25 episodes!), but for us it has felt like this season has flown by. There are only two episodes left this season (including tonight’s episode) and then we are left with a huge empty hole in our hearts over the summer until season 8 kicks off. At least we have the Hawaii Five-o theme song as our ring tone to get us through the drought.

The last few episodes of Hawaii Five-0 have directly (or indirectly) brought up this idea that Danny might be retiring from the team. This idea is the stuff nightmares are made of from for people like Steve as well as the viewers of the show, but with it coming up as often as it is we have to ask: Could we be facing a Danny retirement by the end of season 7? Speaking of retirement, tonight’s episode of Hawaii Five-0 will be offering Chin an opportunity… not retirement, but it will be taking him away from the 5-0 task force and it’s an opportunity he may not be able to refuse.

Chin has been offered to head up his own task force in San Francisco! It’s a huge opportunity and it’s where Abby’s from so this could work out really well for everyone. Chin says that he will need to think about it since Hawaii is his home and he’s set down roots there. He has family there, a job he loves, and Sara is starting to settle into a stable life – he really does have a lot to think about. Chin talks to Steve about the offer, saying that he’s thought about the opportunity, but isn’t ready to talk to Abby about it until he makes his relationship with her official. That’s right, Chin is going to propose!!! Here’s hoping for a Hawaii Five-0 season 8 wedding.

We had a visit from Hirsch on tonight’s episode asking Kono for a favor… a MAJOR favor. He wants his record expunged to be able to get approved for a loan for his murder clean up business. After getting a hard no from her (no surprises there), Adam helps Hirsch get his sad, muddled business plan on track and gives him a different way to approach the banks when it comes to his record. In the end we saw Kamekona come in as a “silent” partner (of course he’s never really a silent partner now is he)? We have loved Willie Garson ever since we first saw him on Sex and the City (he was also great on White Collar), but his role as Hirsch is easily our favorite. Watching Hirsch stumble over his feelings for Kono and the imaginary relationship he’s cooked up in his mind over the years is beautifully awkward, which is something that Garson plays better then any other actor out there.

Who else is excited about the idea of a Chin and Abby wedding happening next season? He has gone through so much this season (he almost died in the winter finale and lost Sara!) that Chin really deserves a win. Seeing him marry Abby, and complete his family with Abby and Sara and then ride off into the sunset to lead his own task force is the life we want for him. That being said, we don’t want to see him go, because if his goodbye is anything like Max’s we will be crying for weeks. Episode grade: B+

What did you think of tonight’s episode of Hawaii Five-0 and how do you think it’s all going to wrap up in the finale? Leave us a comment in the box below with your thoughts. If you want to know what’s coming up on the Hawaii Five-0 season 7 finale then head on over to the link here for a preview. (Photo: CBS)

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