Chicago Med season 2 episode 22 review: Who’s leaving; Robin’s crisis

Chicago Med season 2 episode 22 review

Chicago Med season 2 episode 22 absolutely started off with some characters in a perilous place. Specifically, we mean that when it comes to Robin. Her mental health was plummeting, and Dr. Charles forced her into getting institutionalized.

As we went into tonight’s story, what we ended up seeing here was more defiance on the part of Robin, who didn’t want to be there and as soon as she could leave, she did. Connor Rhodes was convinced that he could help her, and she was convinced she was in good enough care to leave. If there was one person fighting for a different outcome here, it was Dr. Reese, who knew that she needed more help.

Connor ended up bringing Robin home, and it was clear that he did still have some reservations about her conditions and where she is.

Unfortunately, what he didn’t realize was just how bad things were, with the episode ending with Robin locking herself on the balcony overnight in the midst of another emotional breakdown.

The medical cases this week

For Will and Natalie, much of the talk on their relationship was put on the back burner as they dealt with a medical case that became soon after that an investigation with Jay Halstead getting involved. Meanwhile, April and Dr. Choi took on a difficult case, one with a patient who had a very pointed view on his impending death. This one of the first times that we’ve seen April addressing her miscarriage ever since it happened earlier this week. Also, we had one of the more awkward moments of the season when Choi tried to kiss April and she rejected it.

Meanwhile, Goodwin spent a little bit of time this week helping an old friend of hers who was having some problems of his own. Luckily, this went better than the story of her former lover.

In comes Noah, out goes Jeff

Noah was declared the latest resident, and unfortunately, that does seem to mean the end for Jeff Clarke. He told Natalie that he was ready for a new start, and she just wishes that there was an opportunity to know about it before now. The more Natalie learned, the more she realized that he wanted a fresh start and didn’t want to make it awkward. He packed up his stuff and left without giving her any sort of proper goodbye.


This episode of Chicago Med was a pretty perfect precursor to the finale in terms of everything that it provided — the right combination of emotional, medical drama, and game-changing moments left the departure of Jeff. The cliffhanger with Robin’s latest meltdown just further shows that she wasn’t ready to come home. Grade: A-.

Where are things going from here?

If you do want to get some more news revolving around the big finale next week, be sure to head over to the link here.

What do you think about Thursday’s Chicago Med season 2 episode 22, and some of what you ended up seeing over the course of the hour? Be sure to share some more of your thoughts on the subject below! (Photo: NBC.)

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